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Mona Gonzales’ Ongaku: Always Remembering Humble Beginnings

Mona Gonzales’ Ongaku: Always Remembering Humble Beginnings

Just like a music sheet, life is full of sharps and flats. And when we try to collect these notes, they form a song that resonates with our humble beginnings. It might not be a perfect start, but the Ongaku of Mona Gonzales shone among the rest.

Mona, a multimedia rising star, walked down her car with a smile. It was my first time seeing this lady with an exquisite aura and overflowing talent. And indeed, as she grabbed the microphone and strummed her guitar, her presence undeniably embraced the crowd.

YouTube | Mona Gonzales

Behind Mona Gonzales’ Ongaku

The First Note

Last November 29, 2022, Mona Gonzales debuted as the premier female soloist of ShowBT Philippines Corp. and Sony Music Entertainment. It was the first note of her career as she entered the industry. She welcomed that day with utmost joy to sing her heart out with her single “Always Remember”.

This particular song is a breath of fresh air and jive as the beat is full of joy and stories. The new artist poured her heart into creating this debut song alone. She said that “Always Remember” is a music that reflects her humble beginnings.

Mooncakes, as she calls her fans, witnessed how this Butuan native broke the social media scene. Her Youtube is a witness of her journey with underrated covers and videos. Indeed, this paves the way for her discovery as a new star in the Philippines.

The Beating Heart of Mona Gonzales’ Career

While strumming the guitar and singing her debut song, fans noticed how Mona tends to close her eyes each time she plays. That’s when I knew that she started to draw energy from her soul to belt high notes of the song. And after seeing her perform live, she surely has a beating heart for music.

In a short press conference, the TikTok star, who has over 17 million followers as of December 2022, revealed that she has been training for the company for at least two years. Wherein she underwent long pieces of training far from her family in Mindanao. And in surprise, her parents came on the day of her debut, which brought Mona Gonzales to tears.

Behind her stardom, this new ShowBT Philippines Corp. and Sony Music artist never expected everything. She just loved singing anime music songs from all-time favorite Slam Dunk and others. But the artist’s enthusiasm for the Japanese singing style gave her a glimmer of hope that her talent was meant for a bigger stage.

Photo | Lloyd Esculin

The Score in Her Music Career

On a cloudy day, Mona Gonzales welcomed her new journey with utmost gratitude to the company that gave her a chance. Her father, who calls her “Monet,” and her mother were the happiest among the guests on the day of her debut. Thus the score in her career is what awaits her in the future.

I asked Mona Gonzales what was next with her career. She replied that she had a lot of original songs in store for the future. But for now, she is thankful for her family and the team behind her for having a successful debut as she enjoys the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Mona Gonzales said she would like to have a duet with SB19 member Stell. Thus, she looks forward to being in front of the same stage with the Philippine superstar boyband group. SB19 then sent a special video greeting to Mona on the day of her debut among other celebrities.

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Always Remembering

Now that Mona Gonzales can entirely focus on creating her music, her Mooncakes will surely be delighted. This is because her career will embrace her craftmanship, and more and more platforms have opened to her job. And so her popularity is undeniably on the right track as she focuses on honing her talent.

Indeed, just like a music sheet, every people can select their chords and notes to place. They have to strum the guitar and play the rhythm that will dictate their Ongaku. A Japanese term that is directly translated into the English term music.

Always remembering our journeys, as Mona Gonzales sings at the very start, is an excellent way to plummet us to success. In such a way, when we get lost, we find the little notes that will direct us to the right path. We must close our eyes and let our lives play their own Ongaku towards an ultimate dream.

YouTube | Mona Gonzales

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