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Here’s Why Café Vlog Is One of the YouTube Trends

Here’s Why Café Vlog Is One of the YouTube Trends

Most people diverted their time and attention to binge-watching their favorite shows and films during the pandemic. In 2020, YouTube Culture & Trends showed that videos tagged with “café Vlogs” are gaining millions of views.

A café vlog is a combination of other growing trends on YouTube, similar to ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Also, it offers a part of “a day in a life” videos on YouTube, largely from Korean creators. They share their daily activities from opening the café, making drinks, baking, and interacting with their customers and subscribers. 

Subgenre of silent vlogs

Café vlog is a subgenre of silent vlogs. It shows relaxing clips of making interesting drinks as well as the behind-the-counter process of baking cakes and other pastries.

It’s a stress reliever

People find new hobbies or new ways to consume and make their time valuable during the long quarantine. Café vlogs serve comfort and shape like an escape from worrying about the ongoing pandemic. Aside from the mouthwatering food, the videos are also aesthetically pleasing and refreshing, especially when it rains in the vlog or even with the simple ice cubes sounding in glasses. 

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See lives from others’ perspectives

Multiple café vlog channels are being introduced and people get to see diverse adventures from them. There are students that are working as part-time baristas, some show their “a day in a life” vlogs from being business owners, and others share their travel journeys and give out ideas for places to visit. 

There are a lot of channels to choose from, local or overseas channels, café vlogs are entertaining and informative at the same time. Just be aware that they might make you crave drinks and pastries, or even pursue you to build your own café

Grab your favorite coffee or make one from your favorite vlog!

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