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Be enchanted with these flower shop cafés found in Metro Manila!

Be enchanted with these flower shop cafés found in Metro Manila!

Since then, flower shops and coffee shops have been taking over the urban landscape and our culture. Truth to be told, these are dreamy go-to places that brighten up our day and satisfy our inner soul. But what if we got it both at the same time?

Got straight from your imagination, we’ve rounded up these aesthetic flower shop cafés to be added to your must-visit trips! Perfect if you’re searching for one-stop shops, indoor date spots, or IG-worthy escapades.

WildHeart Flower Shop + Café

Inspired by their love to travel, entrepreneur couple David and Ria Duque opened their shop in May 2021. Initially started from sourcing out flowers for a wedding and then selling dried flowers online, it eventually grows just like their products.

David and Ria Duque dressing up the store | Photos by David Duque/Instagram

As you enter the shop, you will be welcomed by the lavishly decorated spaces from walls — up to the ceiling! Through its multiple-window structure, it enables the natural light to showcase the inside’s brilliant colors, giving an inviting atmosphere.

Indoor interior of the shop | Photo by @wildheartflowershop/Instagram

Catering to different clients from florists to interior designers, they offer local and imported dried flowers in retail or arrangement. But if you want your arrangement to be more personal and memorable, you surely can count on WildHeart.

“Unlike any other flower shop, we encourage our clients to handpick all the flowers, wrappers, ribbons or vases to be used in the arrangement. This makes their order more personalized and unique,” said David.

He also shared that the first arrangement they made, Misty Bouquet, has been their continuously fast-selling bouquet with more than 3,000 bundles sold ever since their business started.

Baby Breath (left) and Misty Bouquet (right) | Photo by @wildheartflowershop/Instagram

While waiting for your orders or taking photos, you can sift through on their menu to complete the experience. From pour-over-based coffee, cold brew, and tea, their best-selling drinks include Iced Blue Ternate Tea and Spanish Coffee.

Spanish coffee (left) and Blueberry Almond Cheesecake (right) | Photos by @wildheartflowershop/Instagram

WildHeart Flower Shop + Café is located at 137 Carnival Park Street, BF Resort Dr, Village, Las Piñas City. To explore more of their products and services, visit their Instagram page, @wildheartflowershop.

Flower Ranch Café

Similar to how we see in Korean dramas, a mother-daughter tandem brought us the feels all the way from Seoul, South Korea. Wanting to have “have more beautifully designed and unique spaces,” they decided to make a hybrid of a flower shop and café.

“Having a coffee shop has always been their dream, and so a few years later, they decided to redesign Flower Ranch into a cozy cafe as well,” stated on their website.

As its name suggests, this flower shop café exudes rustic farmhouse style with its display of nature elements. From the neutral shades of brown, cream, and green, the shop generates peace and tranquility for its customers. Whereas the small lamps on the sides add to the cozy ambiance.

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Storefront and indoor interior of the shop | Photos by @flowerranch.cafe/Instagram

The shop offers dried and fresh flowers and arrangements in the likes of sunflowers, carnations, stargazers, and more.

Bouquets on display | Photos by @flowerranch.cafe/Instagram

As stated on their menu, they serve warm and refreshing drinks like latte, espresso, and tea. To take note of, our local farmers from Davao del Sur harvested these coffee beans!

Another thing that is admirable about this tiny café is that they’re using compostable cups on their takeout orders with a side of dried flowers. Who wouldn’t love to have that, right?

Iced Espresso Tonic (left) and Long Black Coffee (right) | Photos by @flowerranch.cafe/Instagram

Flower Ranch Café is located at Beacon Plaza Ideal St. corner Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. To explore more of their products and services, visit their Instagram page, @flowerranch.cafe, or on their website here.

Do you know other shops, too? We would love to hear that!

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