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Here’s Ellen DeGeneres reaction to RC Cola commercial

Here’s Ellen DeGeneres reaction to RC Cola commercial

RC Cola’s viral TV commercial has finally reached “The Ellen Show”! On Saturday, January 23, the said commercial was featured by host Ellen DeGeneres on the segment, “Ellen and Twitch Guess What’s Going to Happen Next in This Crazy Commercial.

“I was wondering how they were gonna drink it and that’s how,” Ellen said after watching the full commercial, while her cohost Twitch was speechless before giving a nervous laugh.
“Well if you haven’t started drinking already, then now is the time,” she added.

But did you know that Herbert Hernandez, guitarist of Moonstar88 and founding partner of Gigil Group, was the team behind the ad? The guitarist expressed his elation over the feature.

“My gahd! @rccola_ph sa @TheEllenShow waaaaaaaaa!!!!” he tweeted.

Released in November, the commercial became viral and drew polarizing opinions on social media for its unusual and surrealist execution.

The soft drink brand featured a young boy who comes home from school to confront his mother about being adopted. She proves to him her maternal authenticity in the weirdest way!

The RC ad got three million organic views in 24 hours and was a hot topic for days. The market took notice, shares of parent Macay Holdings rose 13.7%.

Herbert, in one of his statements, said that the ad aimed to entertain, thus encouraged viewers to not take it too seriously.

“If we really want to go deeper, for us it sends a message of going beyond even acceptance. The son asked: ‘iba ba ako? Bakit ako may baso sa likod?’ Hindi lang siya in-accept ng mom niya, sabi ng mom niya, no, I’m one with you nung tinaga ulo niya at pinakita na may softdrinks sa loob,” said Hernandez.
One thing is clear though, Gen Z likes the ad and they can’t stop talking about it.”Na-confirm namin yung sentiment ng Gen Z na ayaw nila magpa-define. Most of them would react, ‘ang weird pero gusto ko.’ It shows na they want something they cannot explain,” said Hernandez.
“Meron silang set of templates of what ads should be. But para samin, sa bagong generation, wala naman dapat talaga eh. Tayo lang naman nag-de-define, eh, kung ano yung meron,” he said.

Watch the full clip here:

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