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ArtX Generation’s exhibit Sining sa Bilao now open!

ArtX Generation’s exhibit Sining sa Bilao now open!

One thing you should know about artists is that they will always strive to be innovative. They take the challenge to try out something new and something different. This month of July, that is exactly what we can witness at the exhibit of ArtX Generation in SM Center Angono. Forgoing the common canvas for art, this group of talented artists has painted on something that is even more traditional to  Filipinos. This is Sining sa Bilao. 

The Birth of the Bilao

Kaz Motoda, one of the organizers and participating artists, had just finished his second solo show when a month later, he thought of starting another one. This time, it was going to be an exhibit with other artists. 

Group exhibits are not uncommon but there always has to be something that would set them apart from one another. When asked about how he came up with the idea for the exhibit, Kaz said that he wanted to create an innovative medium instead of the usual canvas for paintings. 

And the idea gave way to Sining sa Bilao

You might wonder, why the bilao, specifically? 

Bilaos have long existed in the Philippines. Traditionally, they are used as rice winnow. Households, stores, and restaurants now commonly use them to serve and carry food. Who knew they could serve another purpose in the art world?

“…. to take the challenge of using other mediums instead of canvas and to promote local native works of Filipino Craftsmen.”

Kaz Motoda
Sining sa Bilao at Angono Art Walk, SM Center Angono | ArtX Generation

Bilaos and their Artists

Being the Art Capital of the Philippines, the local government of Angono, Rizal, and the Tourism office made it possible for the project to happen. The exhibit would take place at SM Center Angono Art Walk where local artists have always been welcomed to present their craft. 

With further support from ArtX Generation, LikhangUno, Katherine V. Concepcion of His & Her Events, and Kaz Motoda, the exhibit is now a go and has encountered no problems. 

“We tap different groups who are willing to do the work within a very short span of time and willing to showcase their crafts and take risks on doing their art on a Bilao. That consists of hobbyists, students, and professional artists.”

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Kaz Motoda

Have a look at the exhibit poster to see the participating artists:

To Create, To Be Innovative

Filipino artists are creative so there’s no surprise if they are already visualizing their next works. Especially with the pandemic halting activities, these artists are now looking forward more than ever to showcasing their art. 

“… and we’re looking forward to creating more art exhibits, not limited to canvas. For example, working on bags, shoes, accessories, hats, dresses, and gowns.”

Kaz Motoda
Sining sa Bilao at Angono Art Walk, SM Center Angono | ArtX Generation

If you want to see the art of our Filipino artists, you must pay a visit to ArtX Generation’s Sining sa Bilao. It is now open from July 3 to 30, 2022, and is located at the Angono Art Walk on the second floor of SM Center Angono.

There, you will truly witness that to create is to be innovative!

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