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Fresh Graduate: Tips on How to Create a Resume

Fresh Graduate: Tips on How to Create a Resume

Creating a resume is important for landing a job, of course.

You can’t apply for a job under a company if you don’t have a resume, unless you’re literally the son of the CEO.

Jokes aside, this can honestly be hard on your first try. So, here are the tips that will  help you create your resume as a fresh graduate:

Customize your resume

Every job you apply for will have different requirements and preferences.

Make sure to customize your resume to the specific job you are applying for. Make your objective, skills, and experience sections match the job requirements. This will help them realize that you are indeed suited for the job.

Highlight your education

As a fresh graduate, your education will be your biggest asset. Make sure to highlight your academic achievements.

Include your GPA and any honors/award you received. If the research paper you’ve written aligns with your work, make sure to include this as well.

Mention your experience

Since you may not have much work experience as a fresh graduate, you should mention experiences that you had if it is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Include your internships, and extracurricular activities if applicable. Also, be sure to highlight the soft and hard skills you have gained from your experiences.

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Be concise

Of course, as a fresh graduate, you may not have that much experience to fill another page. Keep it concise and only include information that is relevant to the job.

Use bullet points to make your resume easy on eyes.


Finally, make sure to proofread your resume thoroughly. Spelling and grammatical errors can make a negative impression on the interviewer. You can try using grammar checker online to make sure that your resume is grammatically perfect.

Writing a resume is a fulfilling thing to do especially when you are a fresh graduate, it can make you feel nostalgic about everything that you’ve been through. Before ending this, let me congratulate you for graduating. You made it one step further.

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