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Acing your job interview: tips on getting that post you’ve been eyeing for

Acing your job interview: tips on getting that post you’ve been eyeing for

Acing your job interview is a nerve-racking process. With that in mind, facing different people during the interview adds up to the pressure too. However, whether you are applying for an entry-level or higher position, a job interview is a way to showcase your compatibility, personality, and character to the hiring team.

Here are some guidelines on how to ace your job interview.


Before your scheduled interview, take time to research the company’s accomplishments, goals, and the position itself. Learn as much as you can! With this process, you can immediately identify if you are well-suited for the company. Check the location and the kind of business they run, as well, to counter-check your skills. Poor research might make you look unprepared for your interview.

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Planning is one of the crucial parts of the process. Poor planning will lead to poor performance during the interview. Moreover, consider potential questions, the clothes you will be wearing, the time, and how to get there. Indeed, these are basic things to plan but relevant when it comes to your interview.

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It’s common knowledge that dressing for a job interview is one factor in acing your job interview. Dressing appropriately represents your commitment and how badly you want the job like everyone else. If you are doubtful, you can check for a few tips online on how to dress appropriately.

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One way to show your commitment is by presenting yourself on time or ahead of time. Being sharp with the scheduled time is an indication that they will not have any attendance issues in the future. Good commitment is giving a good attendance track!

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SET stands for SKILLS, EXAMPLE, and TAILOR FITTING. Showcasing your relevant skills to a position you are eyeing is a good move as this will give the interviewer an overview of the things you can do for them.

After showcasing your skills, you may transition to setting an EXAMPLE. Setting an EXAMPLE is a way for the interviewer to understand the kind of employee you are. In other words, it will give them an idea of how you accomplish your work within the given amount of time.

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Lastly, TAILOR FITTING your skills and example to the company’s demand is the best way to ensure that you are the best candidate for the job. Definitely, this trio should come hand in hand during your interview to leave a caliber impression on the employer.

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To wrap things up, there is no certain formula on how to ace your job interview. However, knowing your responsibility will make you stand out from the rest.

Are you ready to take your job interview now?

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