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Five Reasons To Give Away Promotional Reusable Bags At Tradeshows

Five Reasons To Give Away Promotional Reusable Bags At Tradeshows

Trade Shows are excellent places to showcase your brand’s services and products; however, once the visitors leave, will they remember you? No, unless you give them a token of remembrance. Promotional items make up the majority of giveaways at tradeshows, but custom reusable bags stand out as one of the best. They are both eco-friendly and useful. This leaves a long-lasting and positive impact on the recipient’s mind, and hopefully, they would like to contact you afterward. 

The benefits of using reusable bags to promote your brand do not end here. So, read on to know more about them to add something extraordinary to your marketing strategy.

Why Should You Include Reusable Bags In Your Tradeshow Promotion Strategy?

  1. Gain more attention

Custom promotional bags have the power to represent your brand by featuring your brand logo, contact information, services, slogans, etc. When you give away reusable bags, people won’t throw them away; instead, they will remember your name every time they pick them up. Furthermore, they inadvertently advertise your brand by carrying your bag from one place to another.

Everybody does grocery shopping more than twice a week, so you can also use custom reusable grocery bags for your brand promotion at a tradeshow.

  1. Increase traffic to your booth

Almost every company participating in a trade show gives promotional items; you can make an impression by providing them with something to carry the items. When people see others carrying your bag, they will definitely ask around to get one for themselves. Everyone desires reusable bags and will visit your booth, which will improve customer turnout.

  1. Environment friendly

An average reusable bag can last for an average of 2 years. In fact, tote bags can last for more than five years. A reusable grocery tote bag can reduce the requirement of more than 700 plastic bags. This means your company will contribute to the welfare of the environment. 

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  1. Enjoy high ROI

Every brand wants high ROI, but only online marketing efforts aren’t sufficient. As mentioned above, reusable bags can last more than five years, which means people will keep your brand’s name with them for a long time. With the right design of your logoed bags for tradeshows, QR codes can even be incorporated to collect data and leads at the show and afterward, converting them into customers. An intelligent investment now pays dividends years from now.

  1. Affordable

Bags come in every price range depending on their types and quality. You can customize reusable grocery bags in bulk if you are a small company and do not want to invest much. If you can afford to spend a little more on promotional items, you can go for the reusable tote, computer, or shopping bags.


Logoed reusable bags have numerous benefits for marketing at trade shows. They can easily promote your brand as eco-friendly and affordable while giving you the desired exposure. Make sure you choose the right vendor to get high-quality products within your budget. The last thing you want is to compromise with the wrong vendor and lose your money and efforts.

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