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The ‘Betsy’ Online Market Place Aims to Support Local Businesses

The ‘Betsy’ Online Market Place Aims to Support Local Businesses

Many emerging Filipino artists, artisans, makers, and crafters have closed their business or have stopped their passion projects because of the pandemic.

Betsy, the first online marketplace that caters specifically to creative entrepreneurs, aims to support their dreams.

It gathers these local talents in one site. They opened up a new channel for enterprising individuals to turn their passion into profit.

Betsy is a brainchild of entrepreneurial sisters Judy Anne and Jean Santos. It was inspired by something that happened on one of their travels, during which they were shopping for souvenirs.

Wouldn’t it be great, they thought, if people could find these amazing products in one place? As Jean put it,

“Betsy champions Filipino creativity. We’d love to see flourish into full-grown businesses, allowing these dreamers to stay true to who they are.”

The platform also aims to make these beautiful pieces accessible to more Filipinos.

“Many Filipinos are under the impression that unique, handmade pieces are way beyond their means and that these are only accessible to a select few. Betsy is changing that.”

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Judy Anne reiterated how the marketplace is usually dominated by mass production restrictions.

“Our goal is to provide mindful makers and consumers an avenue. A place where they can offer and find something truly special and one-of-a-kind. Of course, considering how the cluttered marketplace is driven by mass production rules” 

Interested artists, artisans, and crafters can sign up at www.betsyph.com, after which they will be taught how to set up their very own virtual store on Betsy.

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