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Five Must-Watch Short K-dramas

Five Must-Watch Short K-dramas

If you’re a busy person who craves an escape into the world of Korean dramas, fear not! There are plenty of short K-dramas out there that can easily fit your hectic schedule. So, grab your snacks and start binge-watching these must-watch short K-dramas.

Here are five must-watch short K-dramas

Soundtrack #1

Soundtrack #1 is a four-episode K-drama and a straightforward friends-to-lovers story. It’s about two artistic people who want to try to live under the same roof for a brief two-week period, wherein conflicts are bound to arise and hidden feelings will come to light.

Summer Strike

Summer Strike | ENA | Poster

Burned out by her exhausting work in the city, a young woman named Yeo-reum heads to a tiny shore town, where she meets a shy local librarian named Dae-bum. Desiring to be voluntarily unemployed and do nothing, she takes a strike to make a decision to move from Seoul to a small beach village known as Angok. Summer Strike is a slice-of-life drama focusing on the inevitability of suffering and happiness.

Hymn of Death

Set in the 1920s and during the Japanese occupation, Hymn of Death is a heartbreaking and emotional rollercoaster of a K-drama that is based on true events. The lovers are drawn together by their love of politics but will face many problems in their short-lived affair.


Happiness | TVN | Poster

See Also

This is not your typical zombie story. It takes place in the pre-pandemic era, where people now have to come to terms with an infectious disease, the origin of which is suspected to be a banned pharmaceutical drug. It also highlights political issues by putting emphasis on the government’s role in the spread of the virus.

Go Back Couple

Go Back Couple has a refreshingly original storyline. Unlike many K-dramas that rely on familiar tropes and clichés, this show brings a unique twist to the concept of time travel. It follows the journey of a married couple, who inexplicably find themselves transported back in time to their college days. It also enables the exploration of love, regrets, and the complexities of married life.

In today’s fast-paced world, many individuals find themselves juggling numerous responsibilities, leaving little time for leisure activities. However, amidst the hectic schedules, it is crucial to find moments of relaxation to unwind.

So, grab your snacks and start binge-watching these must-watch short K-dramas.

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