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Five Eggciting recipes you should try at home

Five Eggciting recipes you should try at home

We Filipinos love to eat SiLog for breakfast. Usually, we cook eggs boiled, sunny side up, or scrambled. For me, eggs complete my breakfast experience. Maybe since it resembles the sun? I’m not really sure about that one. Moreover, eggs are easily accessible and retail for a cheap price. Also, they are nutritious as well. If you can only cook boiled or fried eggs, this article is for you. I’m not saying that these recipes are easy but why not give it a go?

Five Eggciting recipes you should try at home

1. Cloud Cake

For this recipe, you will only be needing one egg. First, separate the yolk and egg whites. Add 1/4 teaspoon of sugar on the yolk while  3 tablespoons on the egg whites. In a pan, add first the yolk mixture then put in the egg whites mixture on top.

2. Egg Rolls/ Egg Sushi

Let’s start with the filling, mix tuna with your choice of mayonnaise. Next, get a small amount of rice then add the filling to the center. After that, get a pan then put a decent amount of beaten eggs horizontally. When the egg is about to cook place the rice ball on top then roll. The eggs should cover the rice. And, that’s it, enjoy!

3. Egg Pizza

A perfect recipe if you are into heavy breakfast. Toast a piece of bread in a pan. Add in the toppings around the pan. You can add bacon, ham, or anything. You are the one who’s going to eat, so you decide. Next, pour in the scrambled eggs. Then flip it to cook both sides. Add cheese on top!

4. Mayak Eggs

This is also known as the addictive marinated egg. First off, you should boil the eggs. It’s up to you if you like it soft or hard-boiled. For the marinade, add in chilis, green onions, garlic, sugar or honey, and sesame seeds into the soy sauce. Then add in your boiled eggs, and let them marinate for at least overnight.

5. Egg Fries Pizza


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In a pan, add in the fries first as the base. To complete the crust pour in the beaten eggs. Spread some spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce. Whatever you have at home. Then top it off with cheese and ham. Let the cheese melt and you are done!

Enjoy recreating these eggciting recipes at home!
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