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Feng Shui tips on flexing your plant babies at home

Feng Shui tips on flexing your plant babies at home

During these long days of quarantine, we see so many Pinoys suddenly paying attention to houseplants. That’s a good thing for us since some greenery can be beneficial for our health and wellbeing. But before you hoard pots, seedlings, and indoor plants, you might want to consider some Feng Shui tips for displaying. What does Feng Shui have to do with taking care of plants?

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Maintaining positive energy at your home

We often relate Feng Shui with how one should position your furniture or what lucky charms to use. Surprisingly, this ancient Chinese practice actually has a few beliefs on decor, including plants of course. In an article published on Preview, Feng Shui expert Louis Loh gave some few tips on this matter.

Avoid overcrowding your bedroom with indoor plants

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Louis Loh explained that plants release carbon dioxide at night so it can be harmful to your health to have so many inside your bedroom. He adds that you must strive for balance and do not overdo it. Few plants can still bring in positive energy while too much would have the opposite effect.

Place some plants in the living room and dining area

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Louis noted that “Plants themselves produce positive qi so it’s good to place [them] in the house’s living area or even in the dining area.” You can even add some in your office to make your clients more relaxed.

Do not decorate your house with plants that have sharp leaves and flowers, and even those that climb

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According to Louis, sharp or pointy-leaved plants like some cacti are said to have negative energy while creeper plants will invite quarrels. One should also avoid flowering plants since they require a lot of energy or sunlight. He says that these kinds of plants will somewhat absorb the energy of humans since they cannot get any sun indoors.

Limit displaying artificial plants indoors

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Feng Shui experts say that having too many fake plants is not beneficial. Louis explained that if you have too many artificial plants in the house, these will possibly collect dust. Too much dust in the house is bad feng shui according to him. He added that it’s good to have more real ones because these release oxygen in the day time and produce positive energy.

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