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Meanwhile, everyone is becoming a plant parent this ‘plantdemic’

Meanwhile, everyone is becoming a plant parent this ‘plantdemic’

Now that we have reverted back to MECQ to heed the call of our beloved health workers, we have another two weeks at our disposal to stay at home and do something worthwhile. It is the perfect time to put your green thumb into practice and get into indoor planting. Whether your goal is to have a mini-garden since food shortage has been a growing concern or just place some plants into your home to bring green into your space and freshen the air, not only that it can be a great hobby, we assure you that it is also an amazing way to spend your time.

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For the past few months since the lockdown, there has been a surge of netizens sharing their interest in indoor planting. Indeed, people are now gearing towards it, many have become self-confessed Plantitas.  The craze on it is what should we call Plantdemic.

Some though are still thinking twice since it can be messy, time-consuming, or perhaps will not look great in their pads. If you’re still hesitant to join the bandwagon, as we search for a creative way to do it, we come across @Macetamnl, a budding business aiming to put a creative spin into indoor planting. They are not only selling plants but are also doing custom, hand-painted pots. Mind you that these small hand-painted pots can be a great desk organizer or a home ornament.

What is Macetamnl and how did it start?

Jennistine Villaran, owner of Macetamnl said:

“During the lockdown, I was looking for some ways to make me preoccupied. It started with a landscape project in my home. When I was starting to be anxious with what’s happening, painting the pots and gardening have lifted my spirits, it was therapeutic so I thought it can help others as well.

“We wanted to position the plants to create a bigger “jungle” vibe instead of just individual plants in pots. The lack of choices when it comes to pots made it challenging to achieve that look. That was the idea behind Maceta Manila. If you’re asking why Maceta, during the ECQ, I started learning a new language. “Maceta” is actually Spanish for a “flower pot”.

We want to provide clients with a wider selection of pot shapes, sizes, colors – and even finishes. This is also why we came up with color collections. We curate sets that will go together beautifully but will also stand out as individual pots. We mix our own paint so the client can go from muted earth tones to loud fluorescent colors. To top it off, we also do art on our pots if you really want it to be unique.”


So, if you’re tired of bingeing on Netflix and you want to use your time creatively, now is the best time to do this. I’m sure you’ll feel good about it and find it very productive. Should you want to know more about them and be one of the plantitas, please check out @Macetamnl on Instagram. Also, if you’re thinking about how you can have these beautifully painted pots since it’s lockdown, no need to worry as they can have it delivered into your doorsteps.

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