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Elizabeth Debicki gets viral for recreating Princess Diana’s infamous ‘revenge dress’ on The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki gets viral for recreating Princess Diana’s infamous ‘revenge dress’ on The Crown

Filming is currently underway for The Crown Season 5– and guess what? New images from the hit tv series showcase Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki looking exactly like Princess Diana.

Sure, an actor portraying a real-life influential character is expected to resemble them. But, Debicki’s resemblance to the late Princess of Wales is just very uncanny. Even fans and locals have to take a second look!

The photos show Debicki getting out of the car with her sapphire, diamond, and pearl necklace, and of course, the replica Christina Stambolian silk crepe black cocktail dress. It seems like this scene depicts Princess Diana arriving at the Serpentine Gallery in 1994, the very same day Prince Charles confessed his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles on television.

The return of the ‘revenge dress’

Seeing this iconic moment on The Crown would be truly monumental because this was the time Princess Diana was finally free to wear whatever she wanted.

The little black dress she wore at the Variety Fair dinner became known as the ‘revenge dress.’ This was her way of saying she has already transformed from an oppressed royal to an independent woman through her voice and style.

Princess Diana, who’d always been known for her impressive modern fashion sense mixed with conservative royal outfits, was finally allowed to own her womanhood, confidence, and control.

Elizabeth Debicki is Princess Diana!

The excitement is all over the place! Everyone is in awe at how Elizabeth Debicki brought Princess Diana’s presence back to life. Posts like “She understood the assignment!” and “She is born to play Princess Diana.” flooded today’s feed.

They could also see that Debicki would sweep all awards from the Television Academy (Emmy Awards) for her Princess Diana portrayal next year.

The Crown Season 5 soon on Netflix

The fourth series, which aired in November of last year, focused on the early years of Charles and Diana’s relationship. Thus, their divorce will be the central part of the fifth season, further leading to Diana’s romance with Dodi Fayed.

This is just the latest glimpse we’ve gotten from The Crown’s new role members since the show was completely re-casted for this upcoming season. Netflix has yet to announce its release date, but with these new photos, the anticipation became more palpable than ever. As everyone is saying, “We will be watching.”

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