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Drag Race Philippines Queens’ Shopping Ball Outfits Remake

Drag Race Philippines Queens’ Shopping Ball Outfits Remake

Drag Race Philippines Episode 8 is just around the corner! While waiting for it, let’s take a quick rucap of what happened from the last week’s episode.

During episode 7, the ladies were tasked to prepare two looks; the shopping look and the Divi Divas look (outfit made from Divisoria products) designed by the ladies themselves.

The queens dazzled the judges and the audience with a variety of shopping and Divi Divas outfits on the runway.

Here are the talented queens’ shopping ball outfits in creative photoshoots.

Minty Fresh

Last week’s episode’s top contestant was Minty. It was her second time receiving a rubadge

She rocked a pop star-inspired shopping look and ‘rag to riches’ peg Divi Diva outfit.

She did not, however, stage a photo shoot in her shopping look. But this is her looks that won over the judges!

Marina Summers

Marina, one of the tops, gave off a crazy rich Asian vibe in her Chinese-inspired outfit for her shopping look. 

She also wore a vibrant Abaniko couture outfit for her Divi Diva look.


Also one of the tops, Xilhouete slayed in an old rich peg look for her shopping look.

For her Divi Diva look, she wore a sack bag made, printed with a leopard outfit. However, She didn’t have a photoshoot with this particular look, but this is how it was!


The fashion and supermodels of the ‘80s inspired Brigiding’s first look. While her second outfit was influenced by the bright colors found in the market.

Although she didn’t have a photo shoot for either of her outfits, this was what helped her snag the safe spot!

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Precious Paula Nicole

Precious sashayed in a Miranda Priestly-inspired look for her shopping look. For her second look, pink Divi Diva, she gave off a barbie inspired look. She was one of the bottoms.

She did not also stage a photo shoot for her pink Divi Diva outfit but this is what it looks like!

Eva Le Queen

Eva served a ‘rich auntie going to market’ shopping look and a gold and black colored Divi Diva outfit.

She only staged a photo shoot for her shopping attire, but this is the Divi Diva look that failed to keep her safe the previous week.

Viñas DeLuxe

Also one of the bottoms, Viñas strutted down the runway in a Hurt (Heart) Evangelista shopping look and in a full gold Divi Diva ensemble.

Unfortunately, this was an emotional episode for Viñas’ stans as this was her last episode appearance. 

This evening, another queen will come out on top and another queen will have to sashay away.
Who are your Top 5? Let Village Pipol know what you think!
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