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Are you a fan of IG’s close friend feature? Twitter Circle is for you!

Are you a fan of IG’s close friend feature? Twitter Circle is for you!

Did you ever wish that Twitter would introduce a feature similar to Instagram’s “close friends” feature where only some of your followers could see your tweets? Well, your wish is their command as they just released a new feature that will fulfill your wish!

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Many people are using Twitter to express their thoughts, triumphs, happiness, eagerness, frustrations, and even anger. We also tend to tweet everything in our heads that is left unsaid.

However, sometimes our opinions and emotions aren’t for everyone to see.

There is already a privacy option where you can set your account into Private mode but not everyone wants their account to be completely private, right?

If you’re one of those users, this new Twitter feature is perfect for you!

Twitter Circle

Twitter launched its new feature, the Twitter Circle. All Twitter users now have access to this feature which enables you to tweet only to a select set of people.

The official account of Twitter made the announcement yesterday, August 30.

Twitter allows us to add up to 150 people to our circle. There’s no limit to who you can include because whether they follow you or not, anyone can be part of your circle.

How to create your Twitter Circle

The very first step you need to do is to update your Twitter app to the latest version.

Two audience options are available when composing a tweet: All Followers and Twitter Circle. If you intend to share your post with the public, click all followers; if you intend to share your post with a limited group of people, click Twitter Circle.

When you click the “edit” button next to the Twitter circle option, a list of your followers will appear, allowing you to choose which users to add to your circle. For convenience, there is also a “search people” option.

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For the members of your circle, a unique green badge will appear under your tweets to indicate that the post is only visible to that group and not the user’s public timeline.

Added or removed users in a circle will not get a notification. Also, Twitter doesn’t allow users to leave a circle, so they have to block the person who created it.

Isn’t that exciting? Update your Twitter app now, try its new feature with your special ones, and share everything you want to tell them!

Just be careful not to use this new feature excessively to the point where things that you don’t need to share will be tweeted. Be mindful that individuals in your circle can still screenshot your posts and share them with everyone. 

Any content you share with your circle is still subject to community guidelines. 

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