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DIY polygel nails, yay or nay?

DIY polygel nails, yay or nay?

DIY Polygel Nails are so trending today on social media, even on online shops as well. Well, having nail extensions is so perfect especially as it adds up to your total make-over! This acrylic and gel-base product is usually best for nail extension. Having your nails on fleek plus a dazzling clothes on your special and big occasions is indeed a #OutfitSlayed! 

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Polygel Nail — an honest review

It was all because of Tiktok why I decided to try this do-it-yourself polygel nails. Besides the fact that it’s actually cheaper than the usual cost of going to a nail salon, it’s seems so easy to use. You can get yourself a complete kit at a starting price of P389. This complete set comes with an LED Nail Lamp, polygel, top and base coats, nail molders and other needed equipments.


Forda first timer diy nail extensionss 😂 will do more practice! 💕 #DIYNails #NailSet #foryoupage #fyp

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At first, I honestly thought that it would be as easy as applying fake nails, but it was not. Since it was my first time doing nail extensions with just watching video tutorials, it was really a test of patience. It was after 4 trial and errors before I learned how to apply it correctly.

Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater

If you want to have that perfect and on fleek nails, you really have to apply it as careful as possible. What’s more convenient about this the fact that you can decide on how long or short you want your nails to be. Also, there are various color shades such as clear, dark or light pink, etc., available for its polygel.

If you are using a clear polygel, you can just simply put a nail polish and top coat once finished. This might also be applied to other color shades depending on you personal choice. And voila! Your nails are ready to be slayed!

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Also, its quality is perfect as it can’t be removed that fast. If you also plan to remove it, its as easy as possible. You just need to soak your hands with pretty warm water and detergent. Other options can also be through acetone, alchohol or by using a file.

If you want to have yourself this DIY Polygel Nails, you can shop through our available shopping platforms. I also recommend buying this product on tiktok! Happy shopping, ladies! xx

Polygel Nails genuinely works well. So if you wanted to try this product, you can checkout on your online shops right away!

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