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How to Achieve a Glowing Skin with a DIY Coffee Scrub

How to Achieve a Glowing Skin with a DIY Coffee Scrub

It’s been more than a month since the ECQ has started and not only Mother Earth has benefited on it, our skin has received a much needed supercharge for not wearing any make-up. Why will we need it if we’re just confined at home? Though others are guilty since they need to look fresh on their Tiktok videos and quarantined selfies. We’ve allowed our skin the chance to repair and rejuvenate itself. Our skin must truly be at its happiest state right now as it has not been exposed to any pollutants. It has not been exposed to any toxins as well, a 180-degree turnaround from its usual routine.

Since it has received a complete reset, what can we do to further boost it? Going for a facial treatment is now a distant memory and we have to wait for a few more weeks for that much-awaited trip. Big thanks to Marqed Salon’s DIY Coffee Face Scrub of Danielle Leonardo, the key is well before us. “When money is tight, we have to resort to what can save us more. I chose a homemade skincare routine that is inexpensive, yung magaan sa bulsa. We can’t just not take care of ourselves even if we’re in crisis“, Danielle said.


Why do we want a DIY Homemade Skincare?

We’re not saying that you should put your regular skincare routine to waste and in the back burner. We’re just giving you a viable option that is cost-effective, a Korean glow without the expensive trips to your fave beauty consultants.

This is just an alternative that we should all consider. After all, what we want is to still take care of our skin. Let’s just put it bluntly, quarantine na nga, pangit ka pa?”, Danielle said.

This a quite a solace and therapeutic not only for our skin, but also to our dwindling sanity. If you worry that it will not get the job done, just because it’s from the kitchen, you are truly mistaken. It’s an old age technique and it works wonders.

How to do the DIY Coffee Scrub?

Most of us craze on a caffeine fix. Who wouldn’t, if it keeps us awake for a work-from-home shift or an all-night binge on Netflix? What if it can do more than satisfy our cravings for our coffee-drinking habit?

There are lots of homemade skincare ingredients, but I opted to use coffee coz I’m a notorious coffee-lover. Coffee scrub has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties. Rather than just cleansing, it can nourish and moisturize your skin”, Danielle said. It’s not just a good cup of coffee

See this #GetMarqedatHome video for yourself to achieve glowing and more radiant skin on this ECQ.


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