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Cutest Simulation Games to Play on Mobile

Cutest Simulation Games to Play on Mobile

Picture this, a simulation game where cats are cooking soup. No kidding!

What is so addicting about doing the same mundane activities but in the form of a game? Simple, it’s cuter than real life, and you get to pretend you’ve accomplished something too.

Amid our busy lives in the pandemic, sometimes all we want is to take a break from work and immerse in the virtual world. That being the case, we’ve summed up a list of cute and aesthetic simulation mobile games for you to play whenever you’re feeling stressed.

Cats and Soup

Image: Cats and Soup

For those who were once obsessed with Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, you have another thing coming. HIDEA released a visually-pleasing game called Cats and Soup where you make soups together with cats.

Moreover, you can earn gold coins by tapping on the soup bowl when it’s ready. With this, you can use the coins collected to upgrade and expand the forest. It was quite a feat to get rich in Neko Atsume, but this one’s a breeze. You just got to wait until the felines finish cooking, which is pretty fast!

Available on iOS and Android

Fresh Bread! Fairy Bakery

Image: Fresh Bread! Fairy Bakery

Have you ever dreamt of being a baker? Perhaps, running your bakery is not impossible in Fairy Town! Pujia8 Limited offers a stunning 8-bit style baking game where you start from scratch by harvesting wheat to make bread.

By collecting ingredients, you can bake a variety of bread to sell to your customers and earn coins to buy more furniture for the bakery. Fresh Bread! Fairy Bakery is perfect for players who are more into pixelated art games.

Available on iOS and Android

Harvest Town

Image: Harvest Town

Likewise, we’re calling the attention of those who grew up with Stardew Valley! Harvest Town gives you the same nostalgic experience. If you haven’t heard of this gem, it’s a pixelated farming simulation game developed by GAMINPOWER CO., LIMITED.

Harvest Town imitates the perfect rural life where you raise your livestock, grow crops, and build your fantasy farm life. Upon loading the game, it allows you to create your username and customize your character.

Aside from the NPCs you’ll get to meet in town, another exciting factor is that Harvest Town lets you interact with other players. So, feel free to invite your friends over! I highly doubt you will get bored with the number of quests, but it’s not a bad idea to have a companion.

Available on iOS and Android

Tsuki Adventure

Image: Tsuki Adventure

Are you tired from your 9-5 job? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Tsuki, the rabbit, also feels the same way. From the developer of Adorable Home and Kleptocats, HyperBeard has a passive adventure simulation game to boot that’s guaranteed to take your stress away.

Following Tsuki that quit his office job, the rabbit moved to the countryside and inherited the family carrot farm in Mushroom Village. Compared to other simulation games, this one is somewhat idle as Tsuki will be busy doing its tasks even when you’re away. Independence, am I right?

Indeed, the simplicity of it helps you relax, even just for a bit from the hustle and bustle. If you want to check this out, you might consider installing Tsuki’s Odyssey, a follow-up to Tsuki Adventure.

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Available on iOS and Android

Animal Restaurant

Image: Animal Restaurant

Fond of management games? If you are, then Animal Restaurant may be the right choice. DH-Publisher offers this lovely business simulation game where it starts with a lost feline who, later on, helps out in the restaurant’s opening.

Moreover, its gameplay is straightforward since you only need to tap the Flyer Promo to gain more customers. Of course, the more Cod (currency) you earn, the more you can buy furniture, hire staff, and expand the restaurant.

Available on iOS and Android

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

Image: Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

Food trucks and pups, what more could one ask for? GAME START LLC delivers an adorable animal simulation game called Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef where dogs can cook crepes!

Apart from the Shiba Inu, you can have other puppies to choose from, such as Retrievers and Beagles. As you sell crepes, you receive coins that let you buy furniture to decorate your food truck. Bonus, they let you dress up the dogs!

Available on iOS and Android

Found one that’s to your liking? Pause whatever you’re working on and install one of these games instead. Remember, there’s no harm in taking a break and having fun!

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