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Chicer Than Ever — Y2K Hairstyles’ Major Comeback

Chicer Than Ever — Y2K Hairstyles’ Major Comeback

Y2K hairstyles

The early 2000s popularized many different fashions and hairstyles that everyone certainly loved and favored. The retrospect and comeback rule the fashion cycle. However, each generation has a different approach to it. For Gen Z, Y2K hairstyles’ major comeback gave so much comfort and is as more iconic than ever. 

More chic than ever Y2K Hairstyles’ major comeback

In the fashion industry, it’s always expected that trends from the past era will always recover after two decades back into the modern scene. How true can it be? Just notice the visually busy prints and quirky pieces dominating the generation. And, of course, that fashion craze isn’t complete without the most admired and imitated Y2K hairstyles. Teens and young adults have been freaking out over these. Even celebrities are living proof that these have returned.

The study conducted by Sourcing Journal found that nostalgic fashion has a deeper meaning for the newer generation. They are particularly risk-averse when it comes to fashion. Therefore, they would rather keep living by tried and tested trends than invent their own. Take a look at these celebrities who takes inspiration from Y2K hairstyles.

Crimped hair

This hairstyle became popular as many Victoria’s Secret models slay in it on runways. Crimped hair expresses a natural, softer, and more carefree style. Counter to its mien, it requires some sprucing up if you want to achieve the curls and relaxed look. These days, it is called beachy or mermaid waves, but zigzag waves that lay in uniform were originally called crimped hair in the 2000s. 

Half-up pigtails

Next up is the nice variation to your childhood pigtail hairstyle. Half-up pigtail is perfect for any length of hair. Also, if you have bangs that you want off your face, this might work for you.

This hairstyle will certainly take you to your preschool and grade school days. But you can still rock on with this until now.

Cardi B | Pinterest

Bubble braids

One of many girls’ trouble when fixing their hair is that it’s too time-consuming. And sometimes, when you’re too done with it, you just let your hair as is. That’s why the lazy girl beauty hack saves many girls. This hair hack goes out to anyone who’s ever had this struggle and wants low-maintenance hair.

The secret to perfecting bubble braids couldn’t get any simpler and easier. Unlike the usual braids, you can do this to yourself even without a mirror or comb. You only need a couple of mini elastic hair ties and create multiple ‘bubbles’ based on your preference.

Spiky buns

“This look screams the 00s,” says Salvatore Lerna, a hairstylist at The Bohemians in London. Recently, international models and celebrities have been sharing their coolest hair moments online. Bella Hadid has been keeping herself in vogue with spiky buns – also known as feathered buns. After her public presence wearing spiky buns, it became immediately popular among her fans and fellow celebrities.

Bella Hadid | Pop Crush

Claw clip buns

The claw clip trend made its way back to its proper ruling place over all the flimsy bobby pins and barrettes. This hairstyle trend is so relatable for many young Pinays! I mean, who hasn’t worn claw clips since both international and local icons made it popular?

Y2K hairstyles
Hailey Bieber | Harpers Bazaar

Baby braids

“Baby braids are back and cuter than ever. They’re super easy to achieve and brighten up any hairstyle,” says Lerna. This hairstyle is all about framing the face. Whether your hair is long or short, styling baby braids is up to your taste and will look good on you.

Y2K hairstyles
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