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Spotify Philippines spills most streamed artists, songs, albums of 2022

Spotify Philippines spills most streamed artists, songs, albums of 2022


Leading music streaming service provider Spotify arrived at its annual wrap, revealing the top artists, songs, and albums dominating Filipino listeners this 2022.

Calling the custom Spotify Wrapped, the platform released the rundown at approximately 9 pm yesterday, Nylon reported. It showed music rankings, a personal summary of a user’s experience, and a classification of their personality and taste.

Spotify Wrapped unveiled that Taylor Swift is the most streamed artist in the country. K-Pop icons BTS ranked second, followed by OPM pride-bearer Zack Tabudlo and Ben&Ben. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, occupied the fifth spot.

Photo from Spotify Philippines

Meanwhile, Zack Tabudlo is the Philippines’ most streamed artist of 2022 in the local rankings. Succeeding him are folk-rock band Ben&Ben and solo singers Arthur Nery, Moira Dela Torre, and Adie.

Photo from Spotify Philippines

Furthermore, Spotify Wrapped also dropped its top five list of most streamed songs and albums. The top local tracks for Filipinos are NOBITA’s “Ikaw Lang,” Arthur Nery’s “Pagsamo,” Adie’s “Paraluman,” Zack Tabudlo’s “Pano” and Arthur Nery’s “Isa Lang.”

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Photo from Spotify Philippines

Hallyu superstars BTS positioned their “Proof” atop the list of most streamed albums. Tabudlo is the sole full-blooded Filipino artist to enter this category through his “Episode.” The remaining spots were clinched by Taylor Swift’s “Red,” Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour,” and again Swift with her “Midnights.”

Photo from Spotify Philippines

For this year’s edition, Spotify Wrapped added a new segment called “Your Artist Message.” Fans received from their feeds thank-you messages from their favorite artist of the year. Spotify also gave each user a customized playlist with 100 tailored songs.

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