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Celebrate ‘Ber’ months in these Getaway Destinations!

Celebrate ‘Ber’ months in these Getaway Destinations!

Unlike the old adage singing, “12 days of Christmas…” here in the Philippines, the Christmas celebration starts with BER months! That’s too much time to decide where you want your next holiday getaway to be.

Since the Philippines is home to countless tourist destinations, it’s difficult to narrow it down to only a few. But here’s the top pick places you should visit with loved ones these BER months!


Photo Credit | Juanita Uddon via Tripadvisor

Home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites you won’t run out of places to visit in Ilocos Norte. If you’re feeling nostalgic these BER months, Ilocos is the place for you. Ride the sand dunes of Paoay with friends and family. Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is another place in Ilocos that will surely leave you in awe!

Travel back in time and get a glimpse of the charming preserved town of Vigan and tour the Malacañg of the North. Don’t forget the famous piping-hot Empanada of Vigan. Perfect for the chilly months ahead.


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Enough with ham and Lechon this Christmas season. Try out the original Chicken Inasal of Bacolod! Mix with the sophistication of modernity and charm of the olden times, Bacolod was named the Top Model Philippine City in 2019.

For early getaways with the family, visit the place during October to witness the Masskara Festival of the city known as the “City of Smiles”! Prepare to be in admiration with the renowned The Ruins and Asia’s biggest floating bar – Lakawon Island.  


Photo Credit | Alviera

Your BER months experience won’t be complete without visiting the Christmas Capital of the Philippines – Pampanga! Christmas won’t be complete without Pampanga’s Giant Lantern Festival. The brightest city during the Christmas season, and also known as the Culinary Capital of the country, the ambiance and the food will surely elevate your holiday spirits!

There is no better Sisig than those found in Pampanga! If you’re into an adventurous experience, visit Sandbox Pampanga for the thrill of Asia’s first rollercoaster zipline and tallest giant swing in the Philippines.

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Photo Credit | Richthof R. via Tripadvisor

Another festival during this BER months, Tuna Festival is held every September in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. If you want a quiet and laid-back provincial experience paired with modernity, General Santos City is the place for you.

If you want something new and fed up with meat during the Christmas season, binge on the seafood galore that the city has to offer. General Santos City will definitely not fall behind when it comes to places to unwind, try visiting Glan for your next beach adventure.


Photo Credit | risingthermals via flickr

If you’re too busy to travel farther from the city, the Philippines’ capital will offer you places worth spending time with loved ones. There’s a plethora of activities that can be found in the Metro for your BER months getaway. Try visiting BGC and Makati for that sophisticated European and Filipino motif.

The heart of the Philippines is also home to the largest mall in the country, SM Mall of Asia. The place also hosts its annual Grand Festival of Lights Parade. With countless stores to visit and restaurants to try, SM MOA is truly the definition of shop until you drop.

Filipinos really won’t run out of places to visit these BER months. It doesn’t matter if you can’t travel far because of work, what’s important this Christmas season is to celebrate it with loved ones.

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