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I wish I never underestimated the power of hugs

I wish I never underestimated the power of hugs

Hugs are something unusual for the teenage version of me. Not that I do not like it; however, every time I receive one, I cannot help but be awkward. Questions like, “Why are we hugging?” or “Is this really necessary?” would again make a way into my mind. Am I just deprived of hugs? I would immediately answer “no.” After all, I get to acquire it from the best of people.

Even so, it felt like I only extended a little appreciation to such a gesture. Had I known that this pandemic would come, I would have never underestimated hug and the magical power it has brought us.

Hugs reduce stress, according to experts

Who would have thought that a simple hug could go a long way? I never realized it back then until this whole COVID-19 thing. The crisis placed us somewhere uncommon with little to no physical interaction. We experienced stress, worry, and anxiety due to this, which a hug can seemingly take away.

Many studies revealed that the good hormone released whenever we get to hug someone is just among its benefits. With the turn of events, maybe this is what we all need.

It signifies love and support

We are all worthy of being loved and supported, aren’t we? As such, when we give and receive a hug from someone, it indicates that whatever life throws us, there will be people who can shower us with warmth and care. Two years in a quarantine imposed limits on major physical contact. That is why when this all ends, we will be longing for hugs in a greater sense.

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When words do not suffice

Humans, by their very nature, live through a rollercoaster ride of emotion. While others find life a bit easier to handle, some would go the extra mile to surpass the challenges. From this perspective, we get to understand how a simple hug can move things. If all else fails and words can no longer be of help to describe a person’s feelings, one hug will pamper us with the most profound empathy. It is as if communicating with one another all the piled-up sentiments from within.

I wish there would come a time when we won’t fear our lives this much. Like having a pleasant conversation with the people around us, hugging is also considered essential. Do not think too little about this act in due time like what I did. Give someone a tight hug to make them feel loved and appreciated while still having their consent. After all, you will never be aware of its magical abilities.

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