Philippines Edition: Signs Christmas is Coming to Town

It feels like Christmas approaches faster in the Philippines because Filipinos begin to celebrate it as early as September. For sure, they love this holiday as they always seem to cannot wait for it to come. Just like other people from other countries, Filipinos celebrate this holiday simply or grandly. With whatever they have and can do, they try their best to make every Christmas the best holiday they ever had. 

Of course, the best part comes during the day of the holiday itself—on the 25th of December. However, the long wait for Christmas in the Philippines is equally merrier and exciting. So while you wait, here are some of the signs that scream Christmas is coming to the Philippines.

Ber Months

Filipinos celebrate Christmas longer than any other country in the world—starting from the month of September. Once the first day of September arrived, it means that the famous “ber months” officially started.

At the same time, the arrival of ber months signifies that Christmas is bound to happen. Meanwhile, ber months include the four months in the calendar which end with “ber”—September, October, November, and December.

Colder Temperature

While Filipinos experience extremely hot weather during summer, they also encounter cold weather whenever Christmas is approaching. The temperature in the Philippines usually drops during the months of November to February, bringing colder mornings and nights. Although it may be impossible for Filipinos to encounter a white Christmas, they always embrace this holiday with the warmest welcome.

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Holiday Songs

In the Philippines, you will know Christmas is nearing if your neighbor blasts a holiday song early in the morning. In fact, as early as September, these songs are played almost everywhere in the country. Radio programs, television programs, malls, and other establishments, among many others, also play these songs. Moreover, some artists either perform their renditions of existing holiday songs or release their own holiday singles.

Xmas Decorations

You can tell Christmas is coming if you see holiday ornaments from inside the houses to along the streets. As early as September, these decorations can be seen in the Philippines and they vary in size, color, or design. Filipinos erect mini to giant Christmas trees, light up festive lights, and hang some garlands. Moreover, they also hang colorful Christmas lanterns or Parol and put many gifts under a Christmas tree. Filipinos also display Belen, a miniature of Christ’s birth in a manger, and Santa Claus figurines or posters.

Christmas is coming to the Philippines! And, Filipinos will always welcome this holiday as early as possible and for as long as they can. These are just some of the signs that ignite the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines, even before it comes. So if you have more, do not hesitate to share! Enjoy the holidays!

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