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Beauty Tip: How to Make Your Blush Last Longer (For Normal Skin Type)

Beauty Tip: How to Make Your Blush Last Longer (For Normal Skin Type)

How to make long-lasting blush

We all know the effect of wearing blush—it has the power to enhance and accentuate facial features. And, as a kikay living in the Philippines, I know the struggle of my blush fading due to hot weather. However, after trying out different techniques and watching my favorite beauty gurus, I’ve finally found one that works for me!

Beauty Tip: How to Make Your Blush Last Longer (For Normal Skin Type)

The longevity of makeup depends on both your skin type and your setting spray. On the one hand, individuals with oily skin may prefer powder-based blush, whereas those with dry skin may find cream-based blush more suitable. And to complete the look, simply finish with your preferred setting spray.

In my case, I determined that I have a normal skin type. My face doesn’t generate excessive oil, and I don’t experience dry patches. However, I sweat too much, making wearing makeup a bit of a struggle for me.

Moreover, my routine involves applying a generous amount of cream blush to the apples of my cheeks after I’ve prepped my face. What I usually use is the Mermaid Island‘s Beach Perfect Clay Blush. It’s buildable, lightweight, and it blends well with my skin tone.

Photo courtesy of Mermaid Island

I typically opt for a muted orange shade, as it complements my complexion. Additionally, when aiming for a sweet look, the old rose shade seamlessly blends with my skin tone.

After completing my initial layer of makeup, I finalize the look by gently applying powder products to enhance its longevity.

Well, here’s my personal technique: I begin by prepping my face, then apply liquid and cream products before setting them with powders. The same goes for blushing your cheeks; following the application of cream blush, I finish by applying a powder-based similar to the cream-based one on the area where you put your blush to set it.

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Photo courtesy of Mermaid Island

Being a user (and a reseller)of Mermaid Island, I’m a fan of their diverse makeup range. To enhance my look, I layer their Pretty Octopied Dusty Blush over the clay blush. The deep orange-brown shade of ‘Cod Romance‘ cream blush pairs seamlessly with ‘Molluscha.’ Additionally, the powder version of ‘Offishially Missing You‘ perfectly matches ‘Crustashine.’

However, don’t put too much because it might cause creasing or, in simpler terms, caking. Just apply a decent amount by gently dabbing it onto your cheeks. The Philippine heat poses a challenge for beauty enthusiasts, making it crucial to invest in a quality setting spray to prevent makeup from fading.

Every makeup technique is customizable: what works for me may or may not work for you. However, I penned this article for the sole reason of helping those who are starting with makeup.
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