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Barbie Imperial addresses the snarky remarks of Xian Gaza about her and boyfriend Diego Loyzaga

Barbie Imperial addresses the snarky remarks of Xian Gaza about her and boyfriend Diego Loyzaga


Barbie Imperial spilled on how she feels about Xian Gaza’s repeated social media gossip about her and her boyfriend Diego Loyzaga.

Barbie Imperial Xian Gaza Diego Loyzaga

Xian Gaza’s comments about their relationship

These past few weeks, we saw the controversy unfold on social media. As it goes, the people saw them as the warring couple who damaged a hotel room in Tagaytay.

There’s more to this, however, as prior to that, Xian insinuated something. He claimed that Diego was seeing his leading lady in the film Death of a Girlfriend, AJ Raval, in Pampanga.

Tired of all the issues, the actress went on an interview with Push. She shared,

“Nu’ng nangyari ‘yung issue na ‘yun, nagulat kami. Siguro kasi nasanay na kami na ‘yung mga tao talaga masaya sila para sa amin. Na-feel namin ‘yan nu’ng nag-public na kami ni Diego na parang sabi namin ‘Grabe ang happy ng mga tao sa atin.’”

(When the issue happened, we were shocked. Maybe because we were used to people being so supportive. We felt that when we went out as a couple. We said, ‘Wow, people are really happy for us.’)

Ruining a happy relationship

She continued by saying how when people tried to ruin their relationship, she was underwhelmed by the issues that they try to stir. Barbie even described them as very uninteresting.

Then she pointed out that if people are really truly happy, some will try to ruin it.
The actress then belied the allegations.

“Walang katotohanan, kahit isa, yung sinabi ng tao na yun. So parang kami, ‘Ito ang nangyari sa kamay ko ganito ganyan.’ Kasi ‘yung kamay ni Diegs, sa gym talaga siya nangyari and ako mismo nagdala sa hospital sa kanya. So ang labo talaga. Sobrang na-trigger na ako.”

(There’s no truth to it, even one, (with regard to) the guy’s allegations. So we’re like, ‘This happed to my hand, this, and that.’ Because Diegs’ hands, it happened in the gym, and I was the one who brought him to the hospital. So it’s really impossible. I was so triggered.)

Addressing other issues

She then addressed the issue of her bruises, detailing how her boyfriend can’t do that to her. Barbie strongly dismissed the rumors.

“So, kami ni Diego, hindi na kami naapektuhan. Hindi namin hinayaan na maapektuhan kami. Kasi totoo naman po. Masaya kami eh. And ‘yung family namin, sobrang sinusupport kami.”

(So, the two of us, we were not affected. We didn’t let it affect us. Because it’s true. We’re happy. And our family supports us.)

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The actress then proceeded to say that they just pity the person who (coughs, Xian) tries to ruin them. But she highlighted how she and Diego are truly happy so there’s nothing to worry about.

Barbie also stated that they won’t be issuing any explanation other than the ones she has given,

“Hindi na rin kami na-explain kasi parang ‘Bakit? Bakit kami mag-eexplain? Ano ka ba namin? Hindi ka naman namin nanay, hindi ka naman namin kaibigan o pamilya. ‘Yung mga close nga namin hindi humingi ng explanation, bakiit kami mag-eexplain sa’yo?’”

(We also didn’t explain because, ‘Why? Why would we? Who are you to us? You aren’t even our mom, you aren’t our friend or family. Even the people close to us didn’t ask any explanation, why would we explain to you?)

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