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Twitter Bots You Need To Follow Right Now

Twitter Bots You Need To Follow Right Now

Twitter is a good way of being updated with the lives of your family, friends, favorite celebrities, and even strangers. Almost everyone likes their daily dose of gossip. If it’s not on their timeline, they will look for it.

Sometimes, they just like engaging in various discussions. It’s a fun space. But there are also times when we just need something different. It’s something that’s just for us even though Twitter is a very public platform.

This is where Twitter bots come in. 

Bot accounts

There are accounts on Twitter that have automated tweets. You’ve probably already come across one if you’re on Twitter. These are accounts that tweet warnings about disasters, accounts that promote a business’ service, accounts that post aesthetic photos, and many more. If you tweet a greeting and then tag them, they’ll reply (which is automated).

Bots that can inspire you

There are bot accounts that have quotes as their automated tweets and replies. They range from sayings of prominent people to lines from films, songs, books, and even from poems. Amidst all the tea, updates, photos, and whatnot, you may find something inspirational. Or you may find something introspective. It can be like a thought for the day.

@heartfeltbot | Twitter

Read your favorite lyrics

Do you have a favorite artist? Band? We always write down their lyrics on our notes or set them as our wallpaper. How would it be if we open Twitter and see several tweets containing their words? Some bots do that. So, make sure to check if your favorite musicians have bot accounts dedicated to spreading the power of their pen. 

@mitskilyricsbot | Twitter

Bots for books

If you are an avid reader, you might also want to check if there are accounts for your favorite books. It’s a great and efficient way of finding other people who like the same things as you do. Like other bot accounts, you can tweet at them and they’ll reply with a book quote in return. Just be ready in case you get a line that completely broke you when you first read it. 

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@trc_bot | Twitter

My comfort character said that!

Of course, we can’t forget our favorite films and television shows. There are one-liners that, when we see them, fill us with so much emotion. There are speeches from your favorite characters that you are dying to share with others. You’d probably tweet a quote from that piece of media and pin it on your profile. It’s understandable. This is why you should see for yourself if your favorite films and shows have a bot account. 

@PatrickStarBot1 | Twitter

Your safe space

The online world can be a little intimidating. There are too many things that can end up on your timeline which is why it is important we keep track of who we follow. Of course, some matters are out of our hands but let’s look at what we can control.

Make your space as enjoyable as possible by following the content you love!

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