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YT Raid: The Philippines through the vlogs of Jessica Lee

YT Raid: The Philippines through the vlogs of Jessica Lee

YT Raid: The Philippines through the vlogs of Jessica Lee

It’s no secret how we Filipinos are in love with Korean-related contents. From the music to television shows to even their fashion, and food, we’re absolute suckers to learning everything about their culture.

However, in recent years, a brand-new form of k-content has emerged, presenting us with quite the contrary. In an instant, a string of Korean YouTubers has started appearing, sharing their experiences living in the Philippines.

If you’ve heard or watched the likes of JinHo Bae, Dasuri Choi, and even Ryan Bang, then you know what we’re talking about. But, if this is your first-time hearing about this, then give this specific vlogger a go.

Jessica Lee (Korean Name: Lee Seul) is a Korean content creator who has been living in the Philippines for over 9-years now. At just 21-year-old, she already amassed 900 thousand subscribers on YouTube. According to her channel, her contents can be compared to a sari-sari store which basically means that she offers a variety of content.

Already interested? Then here’s a sample of vlogs that can help you learn about your new ‘Korean Ate’.

Her Filipino upbringing

As a formal way of introducing her, Jessica’s vlog titled ‘Growing Up in the Philippines as a Korean’, is the perfect way to start. Without spilling any spoilers, it basically gives us a glimpse of her sense of reality living in a foreign land.

Encapsulating from how she ended up living here to her first impressions and a lot more.

Her Idol Backrgound

A fun fact about Jessica, she once was a K-POP Idol! With stories ranging from debuting in a K-POP group to joining a well-known survival show, she has vlogs for each experience.

Unearthing all the behind-the-scenes tea, you might enjoy learning the secrets about the industry.

Talking about issues concerning Koreans and Filipinos

As expected, Jessica uploads videos which shows the disparity between the Philippines and South Korea. But she also does not shy away from discussing some controversial topics concerning the two countries. Giving her insights and helping to open discussions, Jessica is an example that not all of her vlogs will make us laugh, they will also make us think.

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Embracing The Filipino Culture

As eager as we are to know their culture, it is the exact same way with Jessica learning about ours. Even with her long residency, Jessica continues to share her fascinations and new discoveries about The Philippines.

Exposed to our customs, beliefs, and traditions, Jessica feeds her curiosity and digest them which in turn, help her understand our country even better. Together with other local Korean YouTubers, they provide entertaining videos, testing how much of a Filipino they have become.

It really does hit differently to know that people like her appreciates what our country has done for them. It just goes to show how that our admiration towards South Korea is being reciprocated by the likes of Jessica Lee who admires the Philippines.

To connect with Jessica, aside from her YouTube channel, you can follow her on her Instagram to see daily updates.

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