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All you need to know about Lang Leav books

All you need to know about Lang Leav books

Hello, bookworms! Perhaps, we all know how good author, novelist, and poet Lang Leav isShe proved it beyond doubt in her novels and poems. Moreover, she became popular with popularizing poetry among young generations. Also, her journey made her receive multiple awards. These include the Qantas Spirit of Youth Award, Churchill Fellowship, and Goodreads Choice Award.

Aside from that, she has been featured in different shows internationally. Such as CNN, SBS Australia, Intelligence Squared UK, Radio New Zealand. Meanwhile, she was also in various publications like Vogue, Newsweek, the Straits Times, the Guardian, and the New York Times.

In line with these, she has now published ten books under her name. Meanwhile, she currently lives in New Zealand with her partner in life and fellow author, Michael Faudet.

All you need to know about Lang Leav books

1. Love & Misadventure (2013)

This is the first book of poetry of Lang Leav. It tells the cycle of love to heartbreak from finding love again. It will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotion that everyone can relate to.

2. Lullabies (2014)

Afterward, Lang Leav also published another poetry book. But this time the poem’s theme sets to musical. Also, this one is also for those who are experiencing broken hearts. It will comfort and calm your mind.

3. Memories (2015)

Moreover, the next book focuses on the stage of teenage life. The first time someone gives you love but at the same time pain. All the memories, heartsick and hopeless romantic you’ve experienced are in the book.

4. The Universe of Us (2016)

From the title itself, the book inspires about the universe. It will give you a dreamy vibe. Since, the author uses the stars, constellations, skies, and even planets in her poetry.

5. Sad Girls (2017)

Lang Leav also wrote a novel about the life of a teenager and the young love everyone experiences. It’s the 18-year-old girl who had panic attacks after the death of a classmate. Yet, it involves lies, cheating, secrets, and tragedy you’ve faced in your young years.

6. Sea of Strangers (2018)

Another collection of prose and poetry about loss and love. It gives the theme of self-discovery and empowerment as you know more about life. Also, the perspective and feeling of existing in human lives.

7. Love Looks Pretty on You (2019)

Aside from the sad and tragic stories, Lang Leav also wrote about wisdom and encouragement in love. Powerful words and impact that you build in a relationship and to yourself. This is more on self-love and the art of loving.

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8. Poemsia (2019)

Furthermore, this novel tells the story of a young woman who wants to become a poet. The experiences she had on friendship, first love, betrayal, and dreams.

9. September Love (2020)

The collection of poems will let you change your perspective on love, friendship, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. Which everyone who reads will find themselves connected.

10. The Gift of Everything (2021)

After all of her works, she will give us another book to enjoy. The Gift of Everything by Lang Leav will publish and release this year, November 2.

For this reason, I believe Lang Leav is one of the best authors I’ve ever known. Her works will bring you to the splendid land and marvelous world of different stories.

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