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A good skin care regimen doesn’t have to be pricey, here’s why

A good skin care regimen doesn’t have to be pricey, here’s why

The enhanced community quarantine has put us all into a corner, forcing us to be isolated. But what ought to be a depressing situation can be turned around in more time solely devoted to self-love. When the chips are down and anxiety is crippling us, our hope is our strong resolve. We can only depend on ourselves and self-love will give us the necessary confidence to get us through.

One way that we can express our self-love is by taking care of our skin. Recently, we crazed the DIY hair care tips of Marqed Salon’s Mark Rosales and we know that they have a pool of creatives who can help us and we’ve decided to ask them. With that reason alone, they collaborated with a freelance make-up artist, Leatrice Granada to give us some expert tips for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) skincare.


In a time of crisis when we’re trying to hold on to every penny, it’s a must to save our hard-earned money for the essentials like food and medicine. But we don’t want to take our skin for granted, after all, feeling good about ourselves is a comfort that we can hold on to.

Why do you need a skincare regimen?

“A lot of people depend on make-up artists to make their faces beautiful, however, in order to achieve a great make-up, one must have beautiful skin. What do we mean by beautiful skin: not that it should not have pimples, not that it should not have any discoloration, but a beautiful skin means — it is dehydrated and well moisturized. Like a blank canvas, it has to be cleaned from dust and specks of dirt and then the painter can start painting just like on how we do it on our skin,” Leatrice said.

What’s in right now is the No-Makeup Look. Gone are the days of the full glam up look, no make-up vibes are here to stay. The more natural-looking it is, the better. But it requires you to have flawless skin. Hence the importance of skincare. But how can we achieve a natural, glowing skin?

Tips that you can recommend

There are lots of products to choose from, but in this time of need, we can always look at what we have in the comfort of our homes. It doesn’t need to have a skyrocketing price tag. “I highly recommend using some home care remedies like teas. After drinking it, you can use the tea bag and mix it with honey, you can use it as a scrubber. The result is amazing as you can feel it smooth after,” Leatrice added.

Not everyone can spend on skincare products, but we can all be resourceful and use things that are easily available. Tea is a product that we can fully utilize. It has antioxidants in its tea leaves that can make your skin glow, no need for expensive gluta shots.

What can we learn from it?

These DIY skincare remedies are not only wallet-friendly, but it’s also free of toxins and other harmful ingredients as well. Self-care doesn’t have to be a luxury, all we need is to be resourceful. We can check what we have in our kitchens and explore what’s possible. Let’s all ride the sustainable, nature-friendly, eco-trend.

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