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Why skin care routine still important during pandemic?

Why skin care routine still important during pandemic?

Some might say that their skin improved a lot during the quarantine since they did not wear make-up for a long time. There are really great benefits from letting our skin breathe, rejuvenate and repair itself naturally.

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Many skin problems arise from simple hygiene practices

On the other hand, we may be forgetting to take care of our skin since our focus is avoiding COVID-19. I get that disease prevention through wearing face mask and frequent handwashing is the top priority for all of us. But then, we can still practice good hygiene and discipline without neglecting our skin care right?

Avoid too much dryness

According to Dr. Lyra Laconico-Tumalad from Philippine Dermatological Society, there are pros and cons in constantly washing hands or using rubbing alcohol on them. She explained, “to slow the spread of coronavirus, people have increased the frequency of washing their hands and face. However, frequent washing and application of alcohol can disrupt the protective layer of the skin, causing dryness, itchiness, flaking and sometimes wounds which may cause infection.”

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What can you do to minimize dryness? You can simply include a good moisturizer in your everyday must-haves along with your sanitizer, masks and antibacterial soaps.

Masks and stress can cause pesky zits

Not to mention, there’s also a new term for the skin irritation brought by wearing face masks for a long period. It’s called Maskne, probably derived from the words mask plus acne. You might be experiencing this is there are few extra pimples in specific areas such as nose bridge, cheeks, and chin.

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Aside from that, those people who already have psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are prone to flare-ups due to stress. Dr. Patricia Pontejos from Philippine Dermatological Society advises them to have a remote consultation with a dermatologist. She added, “Luckily, dermatology is a visual field and most skin conditions can be diagnosed with clear photos and a proper online consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.”

Extreme heat and sunlight is a no-no

Lastly, we should all remember that sunlight can bring harm as they can also have health benefits for us. Dr. Tumalad said that sun exposure in regulated amounts helps on vitamin D production, mood improvement, and the healing of some skin conditions.

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Meanwhile, some essential workers and front liners are more exposed to too much sunlight. There are skin conditions that the extremely hot weather brings such as heat rash, excessive sweating, and acne flaring.

Moreover, exposing our skin to UV-A rays can probably cause rapid skin aging while studies say those UV-B rays are the culprit behind skin cancer. So to protect ourselves from skin damage, we can use for an effective sunscreen. Make sure that you’re using one that has a high SPF and labeled broad spectrum.

With all of these reasons, it’s clear enough why you should have to do the basics of skin care. With a little motivation and self-discipline, you’ll surely have a healthy skin.

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