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6 Spooky Things You Can Do To Celebrate Halloween At Home

6 Spooky Things You Can Do To Celebrate Halloween At Home

Although Halloween falls within the Philippines’ 4-month-long Christmas season, it’s still an event that we celebrate with friends and family. Traditions included going home to our provinces, spending time in cemeteries with departed loved ones, and watching horror-themed television shows. However, due to the pandemic, these traditions seemed to have halted. Despite the dwindling COVID-19 cases, there are still people who fear contracting the virus. So, celebrating Halloween in the comfort of our own homes has become one of the best things to do. 

6 Spooky Things You Can Do To Celebrate Halloween At Home

Halloween-themed snacks and desserts

Kick up the fear factor and make your own snacks and desserts. Delish has recipes that are hands-down delish where you can dress your desserts up to celebrate Halloween at home. There are witch finger cookies, Dracula dentures, ghost marshmallow brownies, and so much more. 


Put the boo! in boozy and make your own cocktails. Pair up your snacks and desserts with these spooky-themed cocktails with your friends and family (who are hopefully of legal drinking age). Delish has recipes for screamsicle shakes, poison apple cocktails, black magic jell-O shots, and so much more. 

At-home Halloween photoshoot 

You didn’t need to leave the house or invest in decorations to get creative Halloween pictures. There are several camera techniques that you can use at home with yourself, some dark lighting, and a blank wall. For example, you can use a slow shutter speed to give your self-portraits a ghostly feel. Or, bring in some basic props like an eerie candle. Play around and create silhouettes and just enjoy. 

DIY Halloween craft

If you’re like me and you live with a toddler at home, doing some Halloween crafts at home is definitely a way to go. This allows kids to tap into creativity with fun, scary, and easy DIYs. And, nothing beats gathering together for a day full of arts and crafts. From paper Halloween lanterns to bat bottle cap magnets to paper plate ghosts, this article from Good Housekeeping has it all. So, take out your scissors and have fun with the tots. 

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Spooky movie marathon

It comes as no surprise that horror films remain the most popular during Halloween. This season is the ideal time to watch scary movies which have quickly become a tradition. So, when slashers, demons, zombies, and so much more come out for trick and treats, why not sit in for a night of fun and pure terror?

Watching true crime docuseries 

Aside from horror films, true crime docuseries can also get you in the Halloween mood. There is a handful available to stream on Netflix and other platforms. When it comes down to titles that are really scary, the ones that will keep you at night are those real-life cases. Those really are worse than fiction. Knowing so many frightening things happen in real life is enough to make anyone hide under the blankets. 

So, how would you celebrate Halloween at home? Let us know!

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