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Watch Basketball Star Ricci Rivero in Upcoming Teen Flick ‘Happy Times’ Trailer

Watch Basketball Star Ricci Rivero in Upcoming Teen Flick ‘Happy Times’ Trailer


A nakakakilig trailer for the upcoming teen flick ‘Happy Times’ starring basketball star Ricci Rivero just dropped.

On December 5, Ricci posted the official trailer for his long-awaited movie ‘Happy Times’, an Upstream original premiering on the 17th. In the caption, he wrote,

“Ano ang gagawin mo kung ang crush ng crush mo ay…ate mo?! 🥵 Finally, the long wait is over ✨ #HappyTimes directed by @okiceidanan on @upstream.ph on DECEMBER 17 na!!!”

Recently, Ricci also appeared this 2021 in the horror anthology film ‘Rabid’ directed by Erik Matti. After his film acting debut in the 2018 Philippine horror film ‘Otlum’, Ricci is ready to grace the screens once again.

Sneak Peek to ‘Happy Times’

Playing the cliched role of a tall, dark, heart-throb named ‘Kim’, the star becomes the subject of pining by the two sisters in the film.

Toni and Kim in the trailer

Besides Ricci, co-stars Sharlene San Pedro, Heaven Peralejo, and Kimpoy Feliciano will also join him in the movie.

Directed by Ice Idanan and written by G3 San Diego, the trailer shows Sharlene San Pedro as ‘Toni’, the female protagonist in the story, as the complete opposite of her sister, Heaven Peralejo as ‘George.’

Comparison between George and Toni

Whereas George is the popular girl, Toni is the tomboy type. In the short clip, Toni refuses to tell her secret crush. However, she was caught when her friend notices she has her eyes on Kim.

See Also

Following the narrative, Kim attempts to court George by getting closer to Toni, leaving her in quite a predicament. As George returns the same admiration for Kim, Toni supposedly acts as a bridge to both.

The “Favor”

Like a typical one-sided love movie, romance may brew between Kim and Toni instead.

Perhaps, an endearing light-hearted story is what we need to enjoy this holiday season.

Watch ‘Happy Times’ on Dec. 17: https://upstream.ph/

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