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5 Reasons Why You Should Be On TikTok!

5 Reasons Why You Should Be On TikTok!

Be part of the new crazewatch and share your own entertaining videos on TikTok!

 Are you on TikTok?

If not, you’re missing a whole lot! A lot of trending and viral videos you’re seeing on the internet are all coming from this popular new app—and what’s even better is you can join the fun by watching or sharing your own videos on TikTok!


Here are five reasons to download TikTok:

You can share your talents with the rest of the world!

You can make videos of anything on TikTok—as in anything! Singing, lipsyncing, dancing, acting, DIY, comedy, or just being cool, you can do anything on-cam and upload it all on TikTok! The more you upload, the more people will watch your vids!

You might go viral!

Who knows, you might be the next viral star to come out of the Philippines! Imagine—you go viral, and you might even be the next showbiz star!


Bye-bye, FOMO!

Did you know that your friends and family are already on TikTok? You might be the last one left behind! You don’t want to have FOMO, right? That’s why you should download the app!

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Bond with friends and family over videos!

You might have noticed that a lot of TikTok videos are usually friends or family—you can bond with them by either watching or making your own silly and funny videos!

Because it’s just fun!

Whether you’re watching or making your own videos on TikTok, one thing’s for sure: it’s just plain fun! That’s why a lot of people are on Tiktok—because it’s super entertaining!

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