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7 International Bookstores To Visit For The ✨Aesthetics✨

7 International Bookstores To Visit For The ✨Aesthetics✨

It is a dream for book lovers to stroll through a seemingly infinite pathway of books. While getting indulged with the smell and minimalist vintage covers, a bookstore for them becomes a whole new world. If you are the bookworm I know, plan today as I narrow down bookstores you can go to fill up your souls and make your feed more Instagram-worthy. 

7 International Bookstores To Visit For The ✨Aesthetics✨

Carturesti Carusel, Bucharest, Romania

Photo | Radu Bercan

Lying in the heart of Bucharest is the Carturesti Carusel. More than 10,000 volumes of books make up the bookstore’s enormous collection. This incorporates classics, poetry, self-help, fantasy books, and many more. The place that covers 1,000 square kilometers has an elegant staircase, meticulously made archways, and overflowing bookshelves that make the place #Instagrammable

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Ateneo Grand Splendid is the second best bookstore in the world.

The Guardian

Sitting in the fashionable street of the Recoleta neighborhood, it was once a theatre/cinema before being converted into a bookstore in the year 2000. 

Photo | Alamy

Only instead of tango dancers and singers, the stars are now the printed word.

Brian Clark Howard 

You cannot leave without a book since the shop stores 120,000 of them. The warm lighting and spacious dome are a perfect spot for a photo op. 

Arc N Book, Seoul, South Korea

Photo | Tripadvisor

The Arc N Book is located in the basement of the Buyong Eulji Building in Seoul. It is distinguished by its turquoise theme, classic look, and inventive “Book Tunnel” display. The bookshop is popular not only for its extensive selection of books but also for its stunning interior.

Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal

Livraria Lello is one of Porto’s busiest attractions and reflects the city’s growth as a tourism destination.

The Common Wanderer
Photo | LAMPOON Magazine

As per some lore, this was the inspiration behind a few of the famous Hogwarts scenery in Harry Potter. With the eye-catching staircase that leads to the endless sight of books, it is no question why it feels so magical. 

Shakespeare & Co., Paris, France

Arguably the most famous bookstore in the world, Shakespeare & Company is an English-language bookshop situated in Paris’ core. It has served as a haven for authors and book lovers alike since 1919.

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Photo | Etsy

The vintage shop is split into two sections; the one for newly published and the other for antique books. With the rustic-looking signage and green-and-yellow frontage, it feels like taking you back in the classic Paris times. 

Atlantis Books, Santorini, Greece 

Photo | Atlantis Bookshop

Opened in the spring of 2004, Atlantis Books is one of Europe’s most enchanting bookstores today. With an overlooking sight of the Aegean Sea, reading from the rooftop is fairly healing. No wonder National Geographic named it the best bookstore two years ago. If you are looking for a paradise of books in harmony with nature, Atlantis Books is the perfect place.  

Yangzhou Zhongshuge, China

Next to the Zhen Yuan waterside and trees is the Yangzhou Zhongshuge.

Photo | Shao Feng

Black mirrored floors shimmer beneath arched shelves that stretch to the ceiling, creating the illusion of a never-ending tunnel of books.

Atlas Obscura

Lit by a soft, warm glow with intricate inside design, the shop is elegant and graceful-looking. 

Letting your interest guide you is genuinely perfection. Whether you have found that book you long for or are in the midst of searching for them, set your worries aside as the world is big. There are a lot of places, and you’ll get to find them if you look long enough. 

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