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Motivational Books by A Gentle Reminder’s Bianca Sparacino

Motivational Books by A Gentle Reminder’s Bianca Sparacino

Recently, I have seen a great number of videos on TikTok that recommends A Gentle Reminder (2020) by Bianca Sparacino. Some say the said book made them shed tears. Others share how fated the moment seems for them given that they are in situations in which they really need a gentle reminder. So, I got curious about what makes it trending on the app that I found myself looking it up— and no wonder it touches the hearts of numerous people. 

A Gentle Reminder, perfect book for someone who needs company because the beautiful words inside the book speak directly to the readers. The way messages are not forced, but rather, comforting reminders to treat life and yourself in a gentle way. It has the feel of the author who seems to personally know the readers. Because pain, feelings, or emotions you encounter is what makes you a human being— and it will lead you to a more fruitful path.

If you need more of A Gentle Reminder kinda reading in order to help you in your healing journey, then these are other motivational books by Bianca Sparacino that you should read.

Seeds Planted in Concrete (2015)

Seeds Planted in Concrete (2015) | Bianca Sparacino

lxxxiv. Do you understand? What you are made of? The very stars combust in the night sky with the same atoms that make up your mind. The trees breathe the same air as you do, the very salt of your skin is the same salt that crashes against shorelines due to the turning of the moon. Can you feel that? The nature within you?

Look how beautiful the words are and the message it gives. Through illustrations and poetry, Bianca Sparacino shows readers that the beauty of life can be found in contrasting things— like love and loss and the title itself how seeds could be planted on a solid surface. Seeds Planted in Concrete is a great addition to your reading list when you need inspiration and help to love yourself.

The Strength in our Scars (2015)

Strength in our Scars (2017) | Bianca Sparacino

You’re going to realize it one day—that happiness was never about your job or your degree or being in a relationship. Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of all of those who came before you; it was never about being like the others.

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How empowering the message it relays! Through these words, The Strength in our Scars encourages the readers that no matter what you are dealing with or going through, do not punish yourself. The scars in the past push you to be strong and brave in the present. It gives you more leeway for exploration and realizations.

In trying times, I hope you are coping well to heal and love yourselves. Take time to have peace and make time to read. These books may help you find yourselves standing on your own feet once again. Because there is nothing greater than a motivational company in your journey.

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