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What Graduating College is Really About

What Graduating College is Really About

Its that time of the year wherein all of our friends are posting their diplomas, their graduation poses and creative shots. But really, what does graduating college actually mean?

Not the End

You earned that diploma and for that, all of us are proud of you. But now that your university life has ended, I am sorry to say that your “real life” is just about to begin. Yes. Your entire college life was just a mere training ground in order to prepare you in facing the real world. Now that you have graduated, this is not the end of you achieving your dreams but rather the beginning of it.

Searching for a Purpose

Yes. Sometimes graduating is not about actualizing your purpose as much as it is about finding it. We think that because we have graduated from a certain program then we already know who we would be. But life does not work that way. It is entirely possible that we have spent our entire time in college in order to be a particular profession only to end up in a completely different field. This does not have to be a bad thing.

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Graduating Means Deciding

Now that you have graduated it means that it is time for you to decide who you actually want to be. We are now being given the responsibility to take a hold of their lives. To take command and control of our lives. Now, we truly are the ones in charge of the direction that we want to take. To get to where we want to be and be the person we have always dreamed of being.

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