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The Sequel Story of our Lives’ Happily Ever After

The Sequel Story of our Lives’ Happily Ever After

Tucked in your bed is a story to be told when we try to close our eyes. And then we suddenly hear words voiced in the fairytales we hear to make us fall asleep. Although most of us have turned into adults already, the dreaming child inside is waiting to finally wake up.

With over thousands of storybooks, we surely have our favorites. As a result, the last time we read these stories was a long time ago. And perhaps, if we ever turn the pages of this classic, we’ll realize how far we’ve come.

The Sequel Story of Our Live’s Happily Ever After

The Bittersweet New Page

Let’s be honest, not everyone was led to their childhood dreams. Along the way, we were redirected to a newer path that has affected the journey of our lives. And so our story had different versions, or perhaps we lost inspiration along the way.

Ever since we tried to conquer our circumstances, we grew as adults and became tougher day by day. Those choices we made either killed our dreams or left us with no opportunity to pursue some things. And with the constant lackluster, our hopes fell asleep, and we learned to ride the wave of opportunities.

But now that we’re all in the middle of the afternoon of our lives, we’re bound to miss something. A missing jigsaw puzzle piece that left our hearts in misery. Although this speaks of misfortune, we could rekindle our dreams again through reading story books.

Pinocchio, one of the most popular storybooks, became a staple in bedtime stories. It taught a lot of us multiple lessons, one of which is to never stop wishing. Because, even at an old stage, the adult character was finally granted his desire in this manner.

How to Rewrite the Story

Not everyone gets their happily ever after. Perhaps some of us are fortunate, and thus one story is unlike any other. Thus, along the way, we find ourselves again at a crossroads of choices: either to continue our story or to regain the dreams we once lost.

Alongside everything, life hits us with realizations that make people encounter crises. Thus, just like in a storybook, we will all have problems to solve on our own. And this is where we could actually rewrite the story.

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Moreover, even if we cannot wear a better success just like our classic favorites, we still could continue to learn from those. We just have to push ourselves further than we used to. Thus, we should not forget that our family and friends will be each other’s beacons of hope.

In conclusion, storybooks are indeed mere fairytales that inspired us when we were young. Thus, let us remember that its lessons will forever embrace us and make us a better version of ourselves. Our sequel story might be a disaster, but in the end, we are the authors of our own narrative.

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