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The Ideal Christmas for a College Student like Myself

The Ideal Christmas for a College Student like Myself

One’s ideal Christmas vacation might be to spend time with family and hang out with friends. Others could be the idea of a beach vacation. Or a white Christmas perhaps? Don’t we all have our own ideal way to spend a long vacation? Well, for a college student like myself, it’s rather more complicated than that.

There are so many things to do, with so little time. So many things I want to buy but with no money to spend. Like seriously does Christmas hate college students?

Give us a break

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It’s Christmas vacation, but college students don’t have time for that! We’re left with mountains of homework to finish before the long vacation ends. So much for a Christmas break. More like a Christmas edition takeaway homework.

Can’t we spend at least a day not overthinking about the stack of workloads and the impending deadlines? There’s so much to do but college students are stuck frying and melting their brains to come up with creative juices for take-home activities. Give us a break, please.

Money, money, money

Please give money to these broke children. We’re tired, overworked, stressed, depressed, and to top it all off, we’re broke. One way to relieve our stress is to spend money on ourselves and buy things we take pleasure in. But, how are we supposed to do that when we’re literally moneyless from all the expenses being a college student brought to us?

One way to cheer up college students is to give them Ampao. Those red envelopes will literally revive a soul of a dying and drowning college student because of homework. The only red we will receive happily this Christmas season is those red envelopes filled with the love and thoughtfulness of our saviors.

Run from responsibilities

Most college students share collective sympathy with one another. If they can, they’ll drop everything and run away from all responsibilities. They have school to worry about, a family that nags, godchildren to gift when they’re already broke themselves, and work that tire drain all their energy.

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If given a chance, I’ll disappear for the whole month into the wilderness where no one can find me and spend time with mountain lions. This Christmas, college students just want to enjoy the festive season without having to worry needlessly about all the responsibilities they bear on their shoulders.

Dream sleep

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Sleep is a dream for any college student. No one gets 8 hours of sleep anymore. If it’s only physically possible, I would hibernate like bear and just close my eyes for 100 days at least. Sleeping is a way to escape responsibilities and somehow after a good night’s sleep, my mind is better than it was before.

All I want this Christmas is a nice and uninterrupted sleep for the whole day. I couldn’t care less about meals. I want to compensate myself for all those sleepless nights at college. A good sleep before we come face to face with reality is what college students really need.

An ideal Christmas for me doesn’t have to be extravagantly filled with fancy and luxurious gifts. The simplest effort to make me feel good and well rested is enough for me to sing you praise until next year.

Surely, most sleep-deprived, tired, and unmotivated college students will agree with me. While it’s fun to spend some time in known tourist destinations, it’s not so bad to stay at home and heal yourself from all the stress you’ve accumulated this year.

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