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What College Life Has Taught Me

What College Life Has Taught Me

College life is, inarguably, not a walk in the park. It is very different from high school. It comes with a lot of ups and downs, as well as opportunities for you to grow as a person. Entering this phase, you would be rattled with everything that it would teach you. They could either build you or break you, and it is up to you how you would use these lessons.

Here are the various things that college life has taught me:

What college life has taught me

The world is a huge place

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Entering college, you will immediately realize how huge this world is. This is because we are used to almost the same faces during our elementary and high school days.

The faces that we saw in school were students who chose to study there mostly because they were near. In college, people from different places would be in your university. Some of them would be from the province, while some would be from cities kilometers away from you. Nevertheless, the mishmash of new cultures and faces will make you realize how huge the world is.

This fact could overwhelm you negatively or excite you.

As for me, it made me enthusiastic, especially as someone who loves meeting new people. This could also cause a huge change for you and your relationships. High school relationships often end because of this very reason, and the transition is indisputably a grueling one.

You are not as smart as you think you are.

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Take it the way you want to, but upon entering college, this realization dawned upon me like a dumbbell hitting me in the face. You are not as smart as how the education system crafted you to be during your primary and secondary levels. Sure, you could’ve achieved a lot, and you topped the ranks in your previous schools.

However, once you enter uni, you would realize that all of your attainments are not that rare, to begin with. A lot share the same talents as you and even bagged more awards than you.

Immediately, you could be discouraged. That was exactly how I felt. At the same time, it also seemed to lift some bags off my chest. “I am not special” is not essentially bad. It means I no longer have to conform to unnecessary societal and academic pressure at the end of the day. These pressures are usually the ones bestowed upon “special, talented” students and I’m finally free from them. When it comes down to it, we are all just students trying to get by and graduate. It also meant that competition is basically non-existent now; everyone’s just trying to help each other.

You WILL question the path you’re taking. Many times.

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After all, if you did not have any existential crisis, did you even go to college?

There would be the occasional “Is this really the path I’m supposed to take?” All these inquiries and doubts would flood your mind and might even actually convince you that you are on the wrong road. However, you should take into consideration that these are normal. Challenges would be present to test you and to make you even more resilient once you enter the actual working industry.

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You would have doubtful voices during trying times but it is important to not succumb to them. Always remember that you are here for a reason.

However, times do happen when you will actually change your mind. When you feel like this truly is not the path for you, don’t hesitate to do something about it. That means shifting courses. It is easier said than done, but college’s futile if you’re pursuing something you don’t resonate with.

All of these reasons just further prove why college is no piece of the cake. It’s a challenge not for the faint-hearted, but for those courageous enough to take the next path for their dreams.

If you’re a college student, I’m sending you my best regards and good luck.

If you have yet to enter college, prepare yourself for a journey that will mold you into your best self!

How is college life for you so far, or what do you think it would be like? Share your two cents with us!

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