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Useful Tips For Keeping Pets Calm During A Noisy New Year’s Eve

Useful Tips For Keeping Pets Calm During A Noisy New Year’s Eve

Aside from Christmas, the most anticipated holiday of the year is New Year’s. In addition to being the first day of the year, it also marks the start of a new chapter in our lives. Especially, with the scrumptious cuisine, loud music, and extravagant decorations. This is the time of year when relationships between family members are frequently strongest. Of course, how can we forget about our furbabies in this celebration? Although New Year’s Eve is one of the parties we anticipate the most every year, it can also be a night of extreme anxiety for our pets.

Useful Tips For Keeping Pets Calm During A Noisy New Year’s Eve

Make sure to confine your pets

When they are scared, many animals retreat to a preferred hiding spot. Some pets may feel safer and more secure in a kennel, but this isn’t always the case. If your cat or dog has never used a crate before and is not used to it, he may find it more stressful to be confined and may even hurt his teeth or nails trying to go through the cage door. Be familiar with your pet. Put him in a room where he can’t hurt himself or your things if they can’t use a crate.

Use positive noise to distract them

Many animals can benefit from calm classical music. Increase the music’s volume to a level that will mask some of the loud party noises without upsetting your pet. Some pets also enjoy watching TV. If your cat or dog has a favorite show, record it so you can play it for a number of hours at a time. 

Playing stronger classical music, movie soundtracks, thunderstorm recordings, and other loud music will also help your pet grow adjusted to loud noises. If your pet remains calm throughout the activity, you can reward them with treats. If they seem a little uneasy, try speaking reassuringly to them. As you go about your daily routine, tell him that everything is fine.

Try natural calming therapies

Dogs benefit from lavender oil, which has been demonstrated to reduce canine car anxiety. It can be applied straight to the skin, or you can give your dog a sniff of it. Your dog’s favorite blanket should be sprayed with some lavender essential oil. Sprays containing canine pheromones may also be helpful for those who are only mildly affected.

Exercise them to keep calm

Take your dog for as much exercise as possible take in the great outdoors at a park. Make time in your schedule to play with feather wands and laser-pointing toys with your cat if you have one. Until the evening’s activities start, keep your cat active as much as you can. Ideally, your pet won’t become very stressed by the noise because they will be too sleepy when it starts.

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Distract them with toys and games

During the time of increased noise, give your dog or cat some food puzzles to play with or buy him a few new toys. To keep your cat interested in a new toy, try spraying it with catnip, and to keep your dog’s concentration on a task, stuff a puzzle toy with peanut butter.

Consult your vet

You might be able to have your veterinarian call in a prescription for anti-anxiety medication for your pet if the veterinarian already knows about your problem. This won’t help if you have never discussed your pet’s nervousness with your veterinarian; generally speaking, vets won’t call in a last-minute prescription for a pet they haven’t already identified as having noise phobia.

You can now enjoy new year’s eve without stress or worry now that you are aware of how to keep your pets calm during a noisy NYE. Always remember that a calm home leads to a calm pet. Happy New Year!

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