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Try decants before your next perfume purchase!

Try decants before your next perfume purchase!

Wear that shower–fresh baby skin vibes or citrus-fresh grass with water droplet scents to start your day. Carry on with enchanting coconut and tropical evening scent. Master the vanilla musk and confidence through a party night. Or hit that alluring kick of spice to get you until twilight. Choose your perfume fighter!

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You’ll probably need to have a collection first so you can have the scent you need any time, any where. But it’s pricey, right? Imagine having to satisfy that shy sniffing need but with a crying wallet. A big no. But worry not because perfume decants got you!

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Trust issues with online shopping and why decants is a need

Online shopping has become a necessity even with the easing pandemic. With people slowly going to the busier daily routine, this shopping method has brought such convenience to most people. However, of course, a list of risks always follow. Like an item not being exactly as posted, damaged on the way or simply did not suit you. These instances cost time and money, a waste of them.

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Just like trying new perfumes, ordering a whole hundreds of ml bottle then realizing it’s not the same scent as you imagined. Spending hundreds to thousand of pesos is not really quite practical. So really, thank you for the decants. A few spray to ease your curiosity in tiny bottles and at a lesser price.

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More scents with a variety of decant

No one’s gonna nag you about having different luxury perfumes because of small decants. Small businesses popped from different social media platforms, especially Tiktok, easily presenting a variety of perfumes and decants to choose from. At first, sellers only showcased their collections until they started to offer decants.


i’ll explain the scents bago ilabas 😗

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Bath and Body Works, Ariana Grande’s Collection, Victoria Secret’s perfumes, even K-idols’ alleged perfumes, plus other high-end brands you can find them in smaller spray bottles online. Get to experience various luxury fragrance and complete your head-turner #OOTD at cheap prices with decants.

@bymoeph Orange Blossom by Jo Malone ✨ #fypシ #perfumetok #fyp #BTS #JIMIN #GalaxyFanChallenge ♬ Filter – BTS

Either you want to try smelling like your idol, or exploring something new, or fascinated by trends and wanting to follow, just remember to decant along the way.

As they say…Gorgeous, gorgeous girls, always sample before buying. Gorgeous gorgeous girls, never purchase without trying!”

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