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TikTok commits to safer space for creative expression with its Community Guidelines update

TikTok commits to safer space for creative expression with its Community Guidelines update

TikTok Community Guidelines

TikTok released a comprehensive, expanded publication of the Community Guidelines to help maintain a supportive and welcoming environment on the platform and continue to provide a space for creative self-expression while remaining safe, diverse, and authentic – and define a common code of conduct.

The update on TikTok’s policy ensures that users understand the guidelines, including when and why some restrictions are placed and identify what is or isn’t allowed on the app. Users will begin to receive notifications of the updated guidelines starting January 8, 2020 which they can easily check on the Safety Center and directly in the app.

Updated for greater transparency

TikTok Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines published will give users far more detail and greater transparency than previous versions.

Users will notice that violations are grouped  into 10 distinct categories, each of which includes an explanation of the rationale and several detailed bullet points to clarify what type of misbehavior would fall into that category.

These changes offer clarity around how we define harmful or unsafe content that is not permitted on the platform.

The values behind the guidelines

TikTok is an inclusive platform built upon the foundation of creative expression. We encourage users to celebrate what makes them unique, within a community that does the same.

“Our community is diverse and global, and we aim to cultivate an environment for authentic interactions. We believe that feeling safe helps users feel comfortable expressing themselves openly and allows creativity to flourish.”

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“Our global guidelines are the basis of the moderation policies TikTok’s regional and country teams localize and implement in accordance with local laws and norms. Our teams remove content that violates these guidelines, and suspend or ban accounts involved in severe or repeated violations,” said Lavanya Mahendran and Nasser Alsherif, Global Trust and Safety at TikTok.

Inspiring creativity and bringing joy to users across the globe

As further explained by Mahendran, spending time on TikTok is meant to be rewarding and fun. That doesn’t mean serious or controversial content doesn’t have a place on the platform; ultimately, the platform is built to support our users and their diverse thoughts, experiences, and interests. But the goal is to provide tools for users to foster their creativity and enjoy content that’s expressive, authentic, refreshing, and sometimes delightfully quirky – all within a supportive community environment.

TikTok continues its commitment to transparency on the ways the app experience is maintained while providing the necessary protections. The update is just one step for TikTok as we constantly work to improve and expand its practices, policies, and protections in order to provide a joyful experience for its users.

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