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Three anime series that made my childhood a memorable one

Three anime series that made my childhood a memorable one

As a Gen Z, anime series and cartoons are a very big part of my watching habit as a kid. I can imagine rainy mornings after class suspends when I will immediately watch the morning anime block. Chances are, either Doraemon or Jackie Chan Adventures is playing. If you stumble upon the TV by 9 AM, Prolly it’s Ghost Fighter or Pokemon rolling on air.

And oh, did you know cartoons and anime series back then also aired on afternoons shortly after the afternoon drama block? Those were the good days! It is still vivid in my Gen Z memories how I would finish all my homework just to have permission to watch TV for the anime block. Simple times at their best.

For now, let us take a trip down memory lane as we reminisce about the anime series that made our childhood a memorable one.

Voltes V

Voltes V is the OG anime icon. It captivates the hearts of all kids and kids at heart throughout generations. The popular futuristic epic tale tells of five brave young people protecting the planet from the evil race, Boazanians. This series inspires generations to stand up against evil. It was so popular it got banned by a certain dictator of a president! Oof.

Toei Animation


Doraemon is always a charmer on television. His gadgets are quite odd and useful, especially for Nobita. The series features the typical struggles of a student like bullying, homework, and crushes. Hays. I wish I could use a gadget for Doraemon to pass my semester. Just kidding!

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Shin-Ei Animation


I have a lot of memories of Dragon Ball. I was there when Goku and Vegeta sported the iconic fusion move. Did it too with my cousin out of my joy watching the series. But unfortunately, we did not become powerful creatures. LOL. Watching Dragon Ball also made me a small-time collector. I frequently purchase those little five-peso figures featuring characters from the series.

Toei Animation

Seems like I want to binge-watch Dragon Ball, tuloy!

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