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This reality show wants to send its winner into space

This reality show wants to send its winner into space

Space Hero Inc., a US-based production company, has secured a seat on a 2023 mission to the International Space Station, and now pitching a reality TV show based on a worldwide hunt for a space-loving contestant who would win a ride to space.

Space Hero wants to send its winner into space

Last Thursday, the said production company is currently in discussions with Houston, Texas-based Axiom Space, which procures and arranges private rides to space, to book a seat for “one worthy contestant” in 2023 aboard a private space capsule.

Space Hero Inc. is founded by Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass and led by former News Corp Europe chief Marty Pompadur.

However, there is no television network or air date has been finalized yet for the show, tentatively titled “Space Hero.”

“Space Hero will provide an opportunity for anyone from any background to become the first globally-elected space explorer to take part in a mission to the International Space Station.” 


The unscripted casting show will follow the winning contestant through exhaustive astronaut training before embarking on a week-long stay aboard the space station, an orbiting laboratory travelling in low-Earth orbit at roughly 17,000 miles per hour.

Deadline wrote: The selected group of contestants will undergo extensive training and face challenges testing their physical, mental and emotional strength, qualities that are essential for an astronaut in space. I hear the idea is for the culmination of the competition to be in an episode broadcast live around the world where viewers from different countries can vote for the contestant they want to see going to space.

The show will then chronicle the winner’s takeoff; their stay at the ISS for 10 days alongside professional astronauts traveling at 17,000 mph, orbiting the Earth 16 times a day; and end with their return to Earth. The Space Hero company is currently in discussions with NASA for a potential partnership on STEM initiatives onboard the ISS.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon?

As of now, there are no final details on what space vehicle the winning contestant will ride on. Previously announced Axiom-arranged missions have involved SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, though the company said it could also use other vehicles, such as Boeing’s Starliner space capsule.

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Meanwhile, the company’s co-founder Deborah Sass has described the winning prize as “a $65 million ticket with a ten-day stay on the International Space Station.”

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The reality TV show is the latest deal to capitalize on the International Space Station, which NASA in recent years has opened to advertisers and private companies in a bid to spur commercial opportunities in low-Earth orbit.

Cruise will hitch a ride aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule, arranged by Axiom.

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