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The Art of Shooting your Shot

The Art of Shooting your Shot

“Shoot your shot!” is a common phrase when taking chance or making move towards something you want to pursue. We can always refer shooting your shot to any kind of situation. These includes asking someone out, acing something at school, or even applying for your dream job. 

It’s quite wonderful whenever we get to successfully shoot our shot onto something. Thus, what makes it more unique is the fact that we only not learn how to take chances, but we get to be mindful about others too. 

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Here’s some tips on mastering the art of shooting your shot!

Making a move isn’t as easy as some might think. You should always determine your goal or what you wanted to achieve in the first place. We should always remember that it would only take you just one chance. So, you should always be sure with all your move to make! If you want to ask someone out on a dinner, you should first know why you wanted to ask her in the first place. Knowing your purpose gives a higher chance of success.

Thus, you won’t successfully make a move without having confidence beside you. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and be prepared to put yourself out there. Remember that rejection is not personal, and it’s part of the process.

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A great example for this is confession your feelings to someone! If you never confess, how would you let them someone know what you feel? Thus, if you’re not that confident letting them know that you love them, it won’t work at all. It will just be another part of your “what if’s” in life.

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When making a move, it’s also important to be respectful toward others. We should always remember other’s feelings, perspective and boundaries. Shooting your shot doesn’t actually mean that we’ll get what we wanted right away. Never ever be pushy or worst, be demanding with things.

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This act is quite very interesting as it involves being strategic and confident while also being respectful and mindful of the other person’s perspective. However, there will always be other precautions to be considered before risking to do so.

How about you? Do you have something or someone to pursue right now? Go get up and start shooting your shot! Or else, you might regret it in the end.

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