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Fearless Risk-taking: Why is it important to ‘take risks’?

Fearless Risk-taking: Why is it important to ‘take risks’?

Various challenges will come to a risk-taker. And if you are one, you have to go through a lot of what-ifs to finally decide that you wanted to do it. Otherwise, it will be a missed opportunity. Of course, there will be limitations when taking risks because you might lose what you already have.

You have to ask yourself first, “Is it worth it? Do I deserve the possible outcome/s?” Because what you already have might be what you really needed. However, lessons come after making mistakes, so be sure to learn from them. The bottom line is “Life is too short to fear what might happen. So, be fearless and take risks!

Why is it important to ‘take risks’?

“You will never know what might happen unless you will try to do something risky.”

There will be chances that you might fail, but on the other hand, there will also be a chance that you might succeed. Moreover, I always find it fun to try new things and getting out of my comfort zone. Because whenever I do that, I do not have any regrets about whether I did it successfully or not.

My mindset will always say that “Successful or not, you did your best and that’s enough.”

And upon dealing with a possible failure, do not consider it as a hard no. You can rather consider it as a chance to explore more things that will be meant for you to have. However, I am aware of the difference everyone has. So we better be careful when we invest our skills, time, and efforts in something.

If you ever found yourself in this situation, take some time to do some self-reflection:

Think of the things that you can gain upon taking that risk. “Can you gain something after doing that risk? Can you gain lessons, experience, and skills if you shoot your shot? Gaining something after doing something is worth the risk because you can use the things that you learned in the future. Even the memories gained after doing something risky will be worth it. However, if you thought that something would traumatize you, then you have the chance to retreat. Remember, not every retreat is a loss. Taking care of yourself is much more important than anything else.

In the end, taking risks is worth it.

After you’ve self-reflected, and found out that you will gain something from a possible experience, just enjoy the process. Cherish the people that will be involved. Make friends if possible, and if you’re too shy, then that’s fine too, as long as you’re enjoying it.

I personally took risks too, and I gained learnings, skills, experiences, lessons, as well as the sense of fulfillment that I went outside my comfort zone. They say, “you only live once” and I disagree. I say “we will only die once, and we will live every day“. Moreover, make the best out of your given days. We cannot tell when our last day will be, so live it wisely and fearlessly.

As Taylor Swift said being fearless is not the absence of fear, it’s not about being unafraid, it’s about having lots of doubts in mind- being fearless is getting back up again and continue to fight for what you really want, and being fearless is about having faith that everything will change.

Never be afraid to take risks, but be wiser when taking them. Life is a continuous learning process, so always be ready for the takeaways every time you go out of your comfort zone, and enjoy the moments inclined in it.
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