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Styling flared leggings in five different ways!

Styling flared leggings in five different ways!

Flared leggings have become the trend that individuals have gone crazy for. It is exactly what they sound like — typical leggings that go out at the bottom instead of hugging your legs down to your ankle. It’s perfect for lounging around, low-impact workouts, and so much more. These also went trending on TikTok from try-on hauls to styling videos. It’s cute and versatile that you can style however you want. 

Styling flared leggings in five different ways!

a chic business-appropriate outfit

You can pair the flared leggings with a colorful cropped sweater vest. Then, put an oversized blazer for the chic business-appropriate outfit. Of course, make sure there is a pair of orange satin heels that matched the color and vibrance on the sweater vest. Of course, accessorize accordingly and grab your trusted leather purse. 

going for a sportier vibe

You can pair the flared leggings with a cutout sage green sports bra that fits perfectly with the sporty aesthetic of the bottoms. Then, complete the entire outfit with a sage green low-cut Nike dunks, a black hat, a canvas tote bag, and a pair of black sunglasses before accessorizing accordingly. 

a brunch with the girls

Brunch means dressing up elegantly with a hint of badass. A pink corset top could look good with flared leggings, too. Then, complete it with an oversized pink blazer, a pair of platform heeled boots, and a mini purse. Of course, accessorize accordingly with black sunglasses and gold accessories.

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on an errand

A cropped cardigan can look good with flared leggings, too. Especially if it’s in the same color of the bottoms. Complete the outfit with a black cap and low-cut black and white Nike dunks. Then, make sure you have a leather black sling bag and accessorize accordingly that would be perfect to wear on an errand. 

comfy dates

A comfy date is perfect for the coming Valentine’s Day. So, a pink sweater vest with red hearts may be perfect for the flared leggings. Then, put a cropped red cardigan over it with a red and white low-cut Nike dunks, red sunglasses, and red purse. Of course, accessorize accordingly.

Did we convince you to wear a black flared leggings for your next outfit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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