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Smiskis and Sonny Angels: Why Gen Z’s are smitten with them? 

Smiskis and Sonny Angels: Why Gen Z’s are smitten with them? 

Have you seen the little green creatures all over your TikTok’s FYP? Or the cute little angels in different costumes? Smiskis and Sonny Angels are pocket-sized figures that stole the hearts of Gen Z! If you’re wondering what are they, this is the article for you.


Smiski collectibles are curious little creatures who love to hide in small spaces and room corners. They are bald and have a genderless design which usually comes in green or blue color. 

When I first saw them, I thought they look like the stick figures that come into real life. With their round head and beady eyes, it seems like they’re so chill to be with.

Instagram | Smiski USA

Smiskis can be your perfect desk buddy with their own little personalities adding spice to your space. Some of them may look a little shy or can be tiny but strong.

Aside from having a clue in the series where a Smiski belongs, they are randomly packed in a blind box so every purchase is a surprise until you open it! Lucky buyers might get a “secret Smiski,” which is like a bonus mini figurine placed in random boxes.

Photo | Smiski Website

In their first series, Smiski has six variations of the figurines in different poses. There are Smiskis who are hugging their knees, sitting, looking back, lounging, hiding, and peeking. 

To date, there are 21 Smiski series available for purchase. You can choose if you want your Smiski to be exercising, dressing, working, cheering, and more. 

Photo | Smiski Website

Aside from being just too cute to handle, they also glow in the dark! They are made out of phosphorescent material that absorbs light and makes them glow in the dark.

Smiskis are available online and in physical Fully Booked stores. The prices range from P479 to P549 depending on their series. 

Sonny Angels

Aside from Smiski, Gen Zs all over the world are also raving about Sonny Angels.

Sonny Angels are little cherubs wearing lovely headpieces. They can be something that’s “always by your side to make you smile” and “provide healing moments.”

Instagram | Sonny Angels Japan

According to their official website, Sonny Angels are not at all a new idea. They’ve been charming a stable fanbase for 14 years. Japanese toy designer Toru Soeya is the brains behind the figurines.

This adorable little angel boy comes with more than 650 kinds! There are Sonny Angels wearing animal hats, dessert hats, vegetable hats, and many more.

Photo | Sonny Angels Website

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The small figures can be a room decoration or a comfort piece to have everywhere you go.

Packaged in the same way as Smiskis, getting a Sonny Angel is also a surprise until you open it because of the blind box gimmick.

Instagram | Sonny Angels Japan

We’re in luck since Sonny Angels are also available in Fully Booked stores. Their price ranges from P489 to P549.

What’s the hype all about?

Some would maybe wonder why everyone is talking about Smiskis and Sonny Angels, let alone spending a considerable amount of money on them. They are collectible items even though they might look like small toys meant for kids.

I think the blind box packaging is another way that entices buyers to try their luck in adopting their little angel or a green curious creature. There is a thrill in finding out what kind of figure you will get in every box.

With the TikTok blow-up popularity and some famous celebrities like Bella Hadid posting with her Sonny Angel collection, it clearly added a fad in the Gen Zs and online world.

Aside from being just adorable, their tiny size makes them cute hand-carry companions. They also spice up every living space by simply existing. Personally, as someone planning to buy my first Smiski and Sonny Angels, I think they give comfort and heal our inner childhood aspirations.

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