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Toys from Our Childhood We Wished Kids Play More With Today

Toys from Our Childhood We Wished Kids Play More With Today

Contrary to our childhood days in the 90s and 2000s, kids these days opt more for technology than actual toys. Whether it would be cellphones, tablets, computers, you name it. Kids undoubtedly use it. And due to the continuous advancement of technology, kids rely more on technology to entertain, educate, and occupy themselves. Although there are many perks to our exposure to technology, the seeming overdependence of kids on technology remains alarming.

Call me old-fashioned, but the idea of kids playing with gadgets more than physical toys concerns me. I believe that evenly balancing the use of technology and toys in the kids’ routines must be incorporated. And I also think we are partly at fault for their heavy reliance on technology. As adults, we must re-introduce the value of going outdoors, playing with kids, and playing with actual toys. It helps them boost their creativity, improve social skills, and strengthen their physical health.

With that, let me bring you down memory lane to our favorite childhood toys that we could pass on to kids today:

Sungka Board

Photo from | Kapampangan Media

Sungka is a well-known traditional Filipino board game played against two players. It is a game played using shells and a wooden Sungka board that usually resembles the shape of a boat. This board has fourteen small holes distributed on each player’s side and two big holes placed on the board’s left and right. The big holes will serve as each of the player’s home goals. And for a player to win the game, one must have more shells on their home goals than the other player. It is a simple yet fun game that kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy.

Trumpo (Spinning Top)

Photo from | geneva888 via Shopee

The Filipino spinning top, known locally as Trumpo, is another classic toy from our childhood that we all know and love. This classic toy is usually made out of hardwood and nails and is carved in a weird egg form. It is played by wrapping a long string onto the top and releasing it in a fast motion onto the floor. Some kids and adults play the top with exhibition moves to amp up the classic childhood game we love. 

Paper Dolls

Who doesn’t remember these classic 1 peso toys from our childhood? With various designs spanning from anime characters to Disney characters and the like, kids from the 90s rave about these things once available in stores. It is a simple yet affordable toy that can spark the imagination and creative gears of kiddos when at play.


Photo from | Polygon

Before the Facebook Game Pet Society and the mobile game Pou, there was the Tamagochi. It is a classic digital handheld toy from the 90s that requires its owners to feed and maintain. The toy is a digital pet that allows kids to experience the responsibilities of tending to a pet. It helps you teach kids to be more responsible and allows them to tend to a cute and fun toy that kids can enjoy.

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Water Ring Toss Toy

Photo from | Joom

This classic toy follows simple game mechanics. Shoot the most number of rings onto the pegs, and you’ll win. But contrary to how simple the game sounds, this game is a heck of a challenge. So if you’re looking for a toy that will test kids’ patience, then get your hands on this toy. It is usually available in tiangges and toystores near you.

Magnetic Fishing Toy

Photo from | DollarDays

This simple game of play fish is another of those classic toys that we used to buy from tiangges and toystores. We find it everywhere, and it follows simple game mechanics. You just have to fish for as many magnetic fishes as you can. It’s easy yet entertaining to play with. And on top of it all, it can also be a fun pastime activity you could play with when around kids.

In Summary

Encouraging kids to play beyond gadgets and all high technology can be a helpful way to establish better connections with kids. Not only that, it allows kids to rest their eyes from overexposure to the glaring screens of their gadgets. Thus, it prevents early signs of blurring vision. Introducing kids to childhood toys we grew up with can also bring a sense of nostalgia to us. So why not try acquainting them to these too?

Do you remember the last time you played with these toys? Don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts!

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